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USA born baby to Canadian PR parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Jack_abcd, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Hi there,

    My wife has delivered baby in USA on July 02, 2018. Me and my wife both are permanent resident of Canada since 3 years. We came to USA for friends get together (3 days with return ticket) when she was 36 week pregnant with canadian doctor's oral consent "She can travel as she is in good health"; but the day after we arrived USA, she encountered pain and we visited doctor in USA who suggested not to travel back as the baby's position was reversed and she might be in danger. Eventually, baby is born and both are in good health. I've some queries still on my mind even after reading many posts and visiting websites.

    1. How can I bring my born baby from USA to Canada?
    2. Can baby come to Canada without passport by presenting only birth certificate at the border (by car)?
    3. Can baby get Certificate of Citizenship OR Permanent resident of Canada?
    4. What procedure should I follow If he will be considered neither citizen nor permanent resident of Canada?
    5. Me and my wife about to complete 1095 days as PR to apply for canadian citizenship.
    6. Can I submit citizenship application for my baby (without applying PR or sponsor) along with ours applications

    Please advise, Thank you
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    Your baby has NO status in Canada. You will need to sponsor it for PR while one of you, at least, is actually living in Canada. Your child is a USA citizen and will require an appropriate travel document to travel to and enter Canada. As a USA citizen, it will not require a visa but will still only be a visitor to Canada until it becomes a permanent resident.

    Once you have sponsored the child for PR, it can gain Canadian citizenship at the same time as you do. You will need to delay your application until the child is a PR however.

    Probably not the most sensible decision to travel at 36 weeks pregnant. You now have a lot of extra work to do and the child is encumbered with US citizenship.
  3. Thank you, zardoz for your prompt response. So, child must be PR to get citizenship. No matters if he completed 1095 days or not. What about

    2. Can baby come to Canada without passport by presenting only birth certificate at the border (by car)?
  4. Minors might be able to cross border with just birth certificate. Please call CBSA to confirm. Also email them so that you have written proof.

    Several website like usatoday, tripadvisor etc. say that minor US citizen can cross with just birth certificate but could not find same on CBSA website

  5. 1. As a visitor.

    2. Yes.

    3. The child must be sponsored for PR.

    4. As above.

    5. Irrelevant for the child for now.

    6. No.
  6. Also your child may not have healthcare depending on where you live in Canada. If the child doesn't have coverage you should buy some emergency coverage and will have to pay for regular care. Don't people realize that it is pretty common for babies to arrive at 36 weeks? This is going to be an expensive vacation.
  7. True..Some websites mentioning like that. it's a great idea to make sure with CBSA by email for proof.

    Thanks APPNOV2014NY
  8. Thank you, canuck_in_uk
  9. Thank you all for valuable reply on my first thread.

    Me and my wife are canadian PR and residing in ON, Canada for 3 years. My baby was born on July 02, 2018 in USA in emergency situation. We brought baby to canada as a visitor. I'm planning to sponsor my baby for PR. In following link, the section: "Before you start" => subsection: "What it means to sponsor someone" suggests to sign undertaking agreement that, "You should make sure that those you sponsor won’t need to ask the government for financial help. If they receive social assistance, you’ll need to pay back what they received." This agreement will still in-effect even he becomes canadian citizen and last for up to 3-10 years depends on person being sponsored.


    1. Do financial help & social assistance mean that we can't get child benefit? If we do then we have to pay back?

    2. If above statement is correct, can I directly apply for PR instead of sponsorship application?

    3. Best of my knowledge, to be eligible for child benefit, parents must be PR; child status doesn't matter, is it correct?

    4. Should I've to apply inland or outland sponsorship application? Where should I mail sponsorship application Sydney, NS or Mississauga, ON?

    Your suggestion is appreciated.
    Thank you
  10. 1. No. It means welfare.

    2. No. You must sponsor the child.

    3. Check the website.

    4. There is no inland application when sponsoring a dependent child.
  11. Thanks

    What does welfare include?
  12. You will need to get your child a US passport to bring him back to Canada. I would get on that right away, as it can take a while.
  13. Can't find the answer anywhere but given that the child is only a visitor and a US citizen are the PR parents eligible for CCB? Think they are but sounds odd to me.
  14. Hi Jack,

    How did you manage you situation as I am also mostly in same situation
    I am currently in USA on H1B visa but me and family has Canada PR(Ontario Province as mine is provincial nomination) where in we completed our landing formalities and came back
    We are expecting our baby in Dec 2019 but since now it is risky to move to Canada with family without a job in hand so planning to get my wife delivered here in USA
    What was the process to move the baby to Canada may be next year when we finally migrate there?
    How much time it took for the baby PR and how much money you spent for sponsorship and PR of baby
    Could you please suggest in my case
  15. I was in similar situation and currently sponsoring my US born kid.

    Your child can enter Canada on her US passport. No visa required. After 6 months of stay you can apply to get her visa extended. Sponsor will need to stay in Canada while child PR is in progress. Short visits outside of Canada while maintaining residence in Canada are OK.
    Baby PR will take 6-9 months.
    You will need to spend $150 as application and processing fees. No RPRF.

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