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US Visa Application Question


Oct 19, 2019
Hello Everyone

I arrived in Canada months back as a Permanent Resident.

I resigned in the company that I was part of in my original country prior to my arrival in Canada. I previously worked on the possibility of being assigned in their office in Canada but it did not work initially due to the unavailability of an open position.

Few days back upon getting in touch with the manager here from the company that I was originally part of, they have opened a position in Canada and they are considering me for the role, given that I should be able to travel to the US anytime if needed to meet clients. In short, the base office is in Canada but due to the nature of work, I should be able to travel freely to the US.

I really wanted to be part of this company as I am familiar already. Now there is a chicken-and-egg question. The company won't hire me if I don't have a valid US visa (which I think this falls under B1/B2 category? from research) which makes sense as they can hire a Canadian Passport holder that can freely enter US. If I apply for US visa though, I am not sure if I will be granted with a visa if I don't have work yet. I understand that granting of US visa is really on a case to case basis and the people here cannot answer with certainty, however, anybody of you who has experienced this or whatever your opinion on this?

Here is my background
Indian Passport
Been to 15 Countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, UAE, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Bhutan, and Indonesia. All of these are for tourism purposes. For half of the countries mentioned, I have gone on a solo travel. Average stay on any of these countries are from 1-2 weeks.
Enough money in bank
Currently renting my property in Canada
Information Technology Background, 10 years experience, all MNCs
Currently Unemployed
Currently living alone in Canada as a Permanent Resident. Living in Mississauga (Near Toronto). Already got my PR Card
-I've checked the processing time in the Toronto US Consulate, it is on average about 80 days. Same with Ottawa and Montreal. Now, the fastest in Canada is in Vancouver and Calgary which is about 15-20 days. I am seriously considering flying there just to get my US visa faster.
31 years old
No relatives in US
Male (if this matters?)
Have properties in India (inherited)

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you


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Feb 18, 2019
IMO in order for you to issue a B-1 visa, you should have a valid document that convinces the VO. You cannot go on a B-2 visa for your work purpose. So, get a letter from your company to meet clients in US which can help with B-1 visa but again, this is not for granted. Good luck!
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Oct 19, 2019
Thank you. Since it is about 80 days waiting time for Toronto, can I apply for a US Visa now, tick unemployed (if it exists in DS-160) in the options, then in case I got a job just change it later on?

Also I thought B1-B2 Visas are issued at the same time or can I request for a visa to be both given under this type to avoid complications whether I am going for tourism or business?


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Mar 22, 2016
If you can get the company to write a letter supporting your US visa application on the basis of your conditional offer then that might help otherwise may be a challenge given you have no reason for a B1/B2 visa with being unemployed. Not sure there is any process to change an application once in other than maybe when you appear for the interview and yes it would be a B1/B2 visa to cover business trips and tourism.
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