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US citizen / work in US / live in Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by btpp, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. I am a US citizen with a job in the rural US. I'd rather live in a big city, preferably Montreal, while continuing to work in the US. My US job is long-term. I gather I need to get PR to make this work? Am I likely to do that? The information I've found on this and other websites is generally geared to American who are hoping to find a job in Canada, whereas I just want to live in Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You need to qualify for PR like everyone else. Skilled work experience, higher education, language test etc.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Do you think I could get away living there under a tourist visa? I'd need to be in the US 3 nights a week anyhow, and summers I wouldn't be in Canada at all. So basically I want to live in Montreal 4 nights a week for the fall, winter, and spring.

    Also, under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, I have a Section A undergraduate training. For my educational level, I have a doctorate in a much different field. Would I get the full 26 points?

    Your help is much appreciated.
  4. No, you aren't allowed to live in Canada as a visitor. CBSA would eventually refuse you entry and probably issue a 1 year Exclusion Order.

    I am not familiar with Quebec immigration. I suggest posting in the Quebec section of the forum.
  5. Would add that if you are away from Canada as a PR that much you may not qualify for things like healthcare.
  6. Thanks for the tips and insights. I get healtcare via my US job, so that wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, its not looking like I can get PR unless I have a job offer, but of course I don't need or want a job...
  7. Why don’t you move to a larger US city if your goal is to live in a city?
  8. I'd have to switch careers entirely.
  9. Yes but you aren’t working in Montreal either. Why can’t you commute from a larger US city?
  10. There are no decent ones nearby. And, for its part, Montreal is a wonderful city. Montreal would be worth a major drive two times a week. The U.S. cities in the same proximity are definitely not worth it.
  11. It doesn’t seem like Montreal will be an option so may have to reconsider other options in the US.
  12. Or if I get my French to B2 then I will qualify
  13. You have to look into each program. If you are a French speaker with a doctorate and under 40 years old, yes your chances of PR are pretty good. You will also have to check whether it will be possible to meet the residency requirement to maintain PR if working in the US. Although you will have healthcare through your employer in the US you will also have to consider healthcare coverage when you are in Canada if you don’t meet the specific residency requirements to receive RAMQ.

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