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US Citizen waiting for PR doctor visit

Discussion in 'Health' started by mikes_16, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My wife is a US Citizen and is currently living in Canada while awaiting her PR. She wants to visit the doctor for migraines, and I told her she would probably have to pay but her friends told her there's some paperwork she can complete to be able to visit the doctor free of charge.

    Can anyone clarify how it works for a US Citizen to go to the doctor in Canada? I've tried googling but haven't come up with much.

    Thank you.
  2. You'll need to tell us which province you are living in.
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    Spouses in Alberta usually get covered right away. You are lucky because many provinces do not. Do you have an extended benefit plan through your employer.
    If so you need to add your wife because the Rx meds are expensive.
  4. Take her to a registries office and sign her up for AHCIC. She’s eligible as long as she has a valid visitor visa in her passport. If she’s on implied status (renewing her visa) she won’t be covered. Worst case it’s about $120 for a visit to the doctor if she doesn’t have coverage.

  5. I called AHC and visited the registries office, but one issue I seem to be running into is that we get asked if she had her passport stamped when she entered Canada but it seems like they don't stamp passports anymore on entry so she entered doesn't have the stamp. Does she have visitor status electronically or is there a way to get visitor status once we're in the country?
  6. She needed to get the stamp. AHCIP doesn't accept anything expect a physical stamp or document. She can get coverage when she gets her OWP.

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