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[URGENT] Passport lost by VAC New York while applying for visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mayank1502, May 18, 2017.

  1. I applied for Canadian Visitor Visa last month in April 2017. My visa was approved and the application processing was completed on 28th April 2017 by VAC New York. Since then, the application tracker is showing the status of my case as "Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the Applicant from the VAC". Even though the processing completed 20 days back, my passport was never returned.

    I have emailed and called the VAC and customer support multiple times in last 3 weeks regarding this matter. But they have not answered any of my queries since then even after multiple attempts to reach them. They have not informed me what initiation and investigation if so any they are doing in this case. The return USPS waybill that I included in my the application has been showing “Status Not Available” since last 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I initiated a case with USPS, also reached out to their offices. On investigation, USPS found no record of the package ever delivered to them and they have now closed my case saying they never received the package and that VAC should provide information on whereabouts of my passport. I am very concerned now since my travel to Canada is in 4 days. Also, my passport has my US immigration visa. I have already made non-refundable flight and hotel bookings for Canada. I have further travels planned in next month to my home country.

    Any feedbacks on the matter is greatly appreciated as it would greatly help me in knowing the next step that I could take to get my passport.
  2. You should:
    1. Contact the NY visa office to confirm that your processed passport was returned to the VAC.

    2. Request the visa office to check with the VAC if your passport is still with the VAC.... or if it should be considered as lost

    3. Request the visa office to let you know if a duplicate TRV can be issued after you get a new travel document

    4. Contact the embassy/high commission of your home country to request the VAC to search for the passport

    If it is confirmed that the passport is lost:
    1. Go through the procedure for reporting a lost passport

    2. Request your home country's embassy to issue an emergency travel document

    3. Email the US consulate which issued your US visa to report the loss of the passport and the visa

    4. Similarly, report the loss of the passport + any valid visas in your passport to the other countries that issued them
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  3. I have been trying to call VAC customer care and all they have to say me is that I should email the VAC instead and that they have put comments about my case on their profile. But they are not trying to investigate into the matter and provide me any sort of proof that USPS has picked up their package. At least, they should do some investigation on my case and reach out to me with their findings. They are not even ready to accept that the passport is lost by them.
    Meanwhile, I am inquiring with USPS about my package and they haven't been able to find any details of my package either.
  4. I suggest you send emails to the NY visa office + the embassy of your country. You may require these proofs to explain the circumstances of the loss/misplaced passport when you file a police report (if it is declared as lost)

    Also, the visa office will be able to confirm if the VAC has your passport. Do send these emails
  5. Any updates on your case. Did VAC find your passport?
  6. Mayank, did you get your passport, i have the same situation as yours, so looking for help here on what needs to be done.
  7. Hello,

    I submitted my wife and my passports to VAC - NY and they haven't send me a tracking ID and their call center is absolutely useless. It has been over a week now and they just keep asking me to wait one more business day.

    Was anyone successful in recovering or tracking their passports?
  8. @ksunkaranam - when were your passports delivered to VAC? The reason they keep sighting is - 'busy period' but the tone suggests they made up a reason as they spoke. I am afraid that our passports may be missing. Do let me know if you have any success in tracking this?

    I have contacted UPS and got the delivery confirmation as well.
  9. VAC got back and they started processing my case and provided a tracking number. Huge relief!
  10. When did the package reach VAC?
  11. Reached VAC on December 11, 2017.
  12. Did you ever got your passport?
  13. No, never.


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