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Urgent Hst incorporated vs payroll

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by nat.abramovich, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. hey everyone , I need your help
    I have few weeks of Canadians experience as a noc B , but I wasn’t on payroll , it’s a construction job , and my boss was paying me cheque to my HST number , and he was paying my extra 13 % taxes, but no ei no cpp or federal tax or anything, I have to do my taxes on my own I believe. My boss told me sending taxes directly to hst instead of putting me on payroll is less responsibility for him , do he prefers doing that this way ,
    My question is : can I use that noc b experience towards Canadian experience class ?
  2. No - you were self-employed.
  3. Self employment doesn't consider as experience. For one year you have to be on pay roll. T4 need to be submitted.
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  4. There is nothing else. That was self-employed.
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  5. Just in case you need one more, that was self-employment and the experience does not count.
  6. Ok thanks Jes!

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