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urgent help!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by jessy87, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. hello frnds!! I need some advice from all of you. My PR application is in progress from last 8 months. I am stuck at eligibility review required. I was thinking to meet MP of area to help me to get an update on my file. My file is eating dust and no one touched it since june 2018. practically, i know the reason of delay and i already uploaded a document for which review was required. so what do you guys think about taking MP help? does it gonna help me? MP office sent me an email to visit their office.
  2. It can't hurt, but you should be realistic about your expectations over what they can accomplish - they can act as a channel of communication, but not alter the outcome. Nor can they "speed things up," but sometimes an inquiry from an MP will seem to get a file looked at...
  3. ya i am aware that it doesnt gonna speed up process or change the outcome. I was expecting my file to be looked atleast. Thank you so much for your response. I will go to MP office tomorrow.
  4. so Jessy have you visited MP office and what was His reponse??
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  5. yes i did and they did nt help..
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  6. They're useless I agree.
  7. MP office as in Indian MP??
  8. Have you heard any updates from them yet?
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  9. no updates yet..
  10. Why didn't they help? My friend told me CIC lost his application and the MP helped pushed his application asap. It took like a year half I think cause they lost it. The MP like 3 to 4 years ago was Dalton Mcguinty I believe. He spoke to one of his representatives. And he actually helped.
  11. Please let me know if you got any updates. I live in Ottawa and sponsoring my wife from Venezuela. We're 10 months in our application. Submitted in September 2018. Medical completed in January 2019 and application transfered to Mexico March 12, 2019. My wife's passport is expiring in April 2020. Venezuela government is not issuing passports unless you pay them $10,000 or more. Venezuelan Pigs that government. My wife needs to leave country before October 2019 at the latest. Otherwise she stuck and can't travel.

    I'm going to try the MP office and see if these guys can help and understand the situation.
  12. i think it is highly dependent on the MP too, some MPs are able to help much better than others.
    MP Ralph was helping people in the most positive ways, but people abused his response and flooded him with so many queries. even people who just submitted their applications.
  13. So I emailed my MP, made an appointment for next Monday at 1PM. Telling me to bring proof of mywife's full name, and file number and my information as well. So I guess bring the AOR2 letter.
  14. hey!! I got a call from MP office and they said my eligibility review is required. I already knew about this eligibility review thing. Gud luck to you if you are reaching out to MP office. But from CIC, i hv no updates. Everything is blank.
  15. Eligibility review is required? Shouldnt it be in processed or something like that. Everything they look at is required. Weird way if wording it.

    I guess your medical passed and BGC I'd last right?

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