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Urgent help

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Areej girl, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Need any place to rent in Clinton Ontario ????
  2. I guess check Kijiji. Clinton is a small town 70km northwest from London, so maybe you can choose London area for starter in Kijiji to get some options.
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  3. There's some options around Clinton but I can.t drive and the taxi is very expensive for me so it must be inside Clinton
    Thanks for trying
  4. Then Clinton is a very bad choice for you. In that case you need to go to a bigger city like London, Cambridge, Windsor, Sarnia, or such.
    Either that or you need your driving licence fast.
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  5. It's really very bad choice as no public transportation cover the area imagine !! I don't know what to do ?? Is it possible to change my program ?
  6. ok, maybe explain you situation a little bit more. Why exactly do you need to be in Clinton?
  7. I am student in Guelph university .
    My program is two years. The first year in Clinton .the second year in Ridgetown. The program for EQUINE care.
  8. Fanshawe is in Clinton.
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  9. Correct some program of fanshawe also in Clinton
  10. Fanshawe College is mainly in London (also they do have some programs outside London

    And the horse caring program would explain Clinton perfectly. They do have a nice big racing track there. The only problem is, that for your program driving is must (in General horses are kept in rural areas).
    Also count that there will not be many job opportunities for students in Clinton itself (So it might be a good idea to settle somewhere more south from it in order to get a student job).
  11. Agreed that driving is a must.
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  12. Correct .completely agree.
    But I can't drive .I intend to enter school for driving but for that time I am searching for any place to rent .and the idea of having job is great idea but with no driving ability .it is difficult . So step by step . First thing renting and everything will come .
    Thanks for your reply
  13. You won't find a place to rent in Clinton on this forum. If you want to try to find a place to rent in Clinton, then you need to do a lot more research online to find out sites where rental information for this area is listed. You can also try reaching out to your university to see what help they can provide.
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  14. Thanks
    You mean I must be in Clinton in Hotel or something
    Then I can search inside it .I will do that .
  15. Nope, driving is must if you want to do the horse caring. In the past you had to know how to ride a horse (these days, funny enough you do not need to know it - at least not the extent to be good at it). But you need a transportation there.
    And horses just like other big animals tend to be kept in quiet areas, where they have less traffic stress to begin with. At least that is the setup in most countries with a waste land mass.
    You plan to learn to drive there is not a very good one. Unless you have an experienced driver to be around you all the time, you will have a hard time to proceed. For a beginner driver (G1) it takes at least 8 months (that is after passing certified driving sessions) to be allowed to do the driving test.
    In reality count for it 1 year +.
    So by the time you can do it, you will have to move to the second town.
    One way around it would be to go for a motorbike. In that case you can get the needed driving licence much faster.
    As for job opportunities, there are no many there. (it is a really small town). So you will have much harder time to get something. Maybe save for the work on farms (that might be more like a seasonal job).

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