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URGENT HELP - Sending passport to London Office

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Gaviboy, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. We are residing in Kuwait. Received e-mail to send passport to London office for Visa stamping. Checked with different courier companies regarding sending the passport. They are ready to deliver the passport to the London office for stamping, but they are not ready to give us a pre-paid envelope to get the passport back from London. Can someone please advise, if the London office will arrange by themself to send the passport back in the self addressed envelope we send to them or will we have any problems.

    Message in the E-mail we received
    By courier or mail:
    Send your passport(s), photos and the completed CHECKLIST. You must enclose a self addressed
    envelope, at least 23cm by 33cm, addressed to you, large enough and strong enough to transport your
    passport(s) and visa(s) to the address where you wish to receive your visa(s). We will endeavour to return
    your passport(s), within 30 working days of their receipt.
  2. Leon Please Help - URGENT HELP - Sending passport to London Office

    Leon please help
  3. If you just send a regular envelope, they might just send it back to you by mail but you would have to ask them. You could also look it up on the web what it would cost to fed-ex from London and send them extra money or check and a request for them to fed ex and explanation that you could not get a prepaid fex-ex.

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