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Urgent Help Required, Business/Entrepreneur Visa Renewal Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by shanebrock95, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I had come to Canada in June 2010 with an Entrepreneur/Business Class visa. I was provided with a PR and also every family member of mine was given a PR too. I met all the conditions of the Entrepreneur/Business Class; starting a business in Canada, hiring employees, showing the income. The problem is, my PR renews this June, but I haven't stayed here for 730 days. If they don't renew my PR, will my entire family, who have met the residency requirements of 730 days, will be denied a PR as well?

    Please reply to this as soon as anyone can!

    Thank You!
  2. Is it a legit school?
  3. Hi shane,

    Don't worry, whether you renew your PR or not does not affect your family members. As long as they have stayed the minimum days, they should be good.
  4. I have same problem like yours. My family members have all had their cards renewed. So they are not affected. Mine expires in June also and I have not met the required number of days. I still have lots of travel needs and I am wondering there’s risk in applying for the card renewal without meeting the requirements.
  5. They are strict about it, you will have to stay the required length of time to be eligible for renewal
  6. Is it 730 days or 1009 days?
  7. Of course they are strict about it, if they weren't why would they have stipulations that you have to have xxx amount of days out of xxxx amount of days to keep your r/o eligibility up ?
    The 2 out of 5 years is EXTREMELY generous btw

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