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Urgent Help!!! PPR Stage (Ready for Visa) but Passport is expiring in less than 7 months!!!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Lazy, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. I guess so, seeing as how fast my application was processed...
  2. Btw, do you remember if your COPR letter is with your old or new passport number? I saw some ppl who got new passport but have old passport number on their COPR. I wonder if that will cause a problem for landing.
  3. Dang, Sorry I got real busy and only just now was able to see your post. My CoPR has the new passport number on it. And even if someone has the old passport number on their CoPR they should still be fine, all they need to do is carry the old passport with them and in case someone demands it they should be able to produce it on the spot. It's not unusual to have a valid visa in an expired/defunct/cancelled passport while you travel, you just need to carry the old passport alongside your new/current/valid passport.
  4. Hi
    I found this thread similar to issue i have currently . Kindly help to clarify ..
    I am CEC inland .

    My passport is expiring in 6 months from Today (Nov 22) . Since I am hoping to receive PPR at least in next 30 days , i am confused about renewing the passport .
    a) Should i or not renew my passport ? I have no intention to travel outside canada till i get PR .
    b) In case if i should renew the passport , what is the correct time to renew it ?
    c) If i renew now (ie) before i get PPR , will it create further more delays ?
    d) If i renew after PPR , i am afraid i may not meet the 30 days deadline to submit the passport as passport renewal will take 3-4 working weeks . Considering it December , it may delayed further .

    I heard from one if my friends PPR mail and i could see the following wordings

    "To avoid complications with international travel, it is recommended that your passport(s) be valid for at least 6 months.
    Your passport must
    have at least two blank pages "

    I presume there is a difference between "RECOMMEND" and "MUST " and i prefer not to renew the passport as it might create further delays .
    If there is any way not to renew the passport at any point , i would prefer that .
    I wish to hear suggestions as its more valuable to me at this moment . Kindly help with suggestions .
  5. its ok.... u will be fine
  6. Thanks for being optimistic and making me feel the same .

    1. If there is no ADR throughout the process and after i got PPR , should i or should i not renew the passport before stamping ?
    Can i send it for stamping with just 4-5 months of validity ? What is the worst case can happen at that point ?
    2. Or if i am planning to renew my passport after PPR , at that point also should i rise CSE ? will they extend 30 days dead line ?
  7. Hi guys, my sister has got passport request today i.e 2nd may, 2019. But her passport expires on 3rd nov which is exactly 6 months from today. Now if we send the passport it will take 2-3 days to reach them. Now what should we do ? Should we send the old passport ?
    Or get a new one ? And if we get the new one, then how to update the CIC about that because ever
  8. I have the same problem.. i have emailed VO on what to do but haven't got reply yet.
  9. It won't create any problem, my passport expires this sept 15, received ppr on april 15. I already have my COPR. As long as you go to canada before your passport expires, and renew your passport there.
  10. Ohh u just submitted ur passport? Im already in Canada under WP.
  11. Hi [ppsb15-
    Can you please help-
    I received PPR today. My passport expires on Dec 13 2019.
    Do I send my current passport or renew it.
    I am currently in Canada on Work permit and do not intent to travel till I receive my PR card.
    is it ok if i send the my current passport for Visa stamping?
  12. Hi can you please tell me if it is ok to send my current passport for visa stamping as it expires on Dec 13 2019.
    i m currently in Canada on work permit.
  13. Totally fine to send the current passport. Got my approval and passport. Then u can change status with the new passport. :) All good and congrats!
  14. You mean for permanent residency? If that is the case, that would be fine.
  15. Yes for pr.
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