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Urgent help! can my spouse cancel my PR?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Jinal Panchal, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. You can't get an updated PR card outside of Canada. Just don't change your passport until you are ready to change both. If you do change your passport, you would need to contact the airline to see if they would accept the divorce certificate as proof of the name change in order to board a flight to Canada.
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    Dont complicate more with name change. As they took the IDs, start applying for passport and prtd with the current name. Legally you can as divorce is not yet over.
    Give police complaint that they took it. if thats not possible then tell that you lost it and then apply for passport.

    As you mentioned that your main concern is pr status, why dont you just sign the necessary divorce papers and prepare for travel to Canada instead of wasting time in India. Anyway the divorce is going to happen hence why to wait there and increase your bp. Ask your parents to get the copy of the divorce settlement from the court so that you can make use of your time for yourself in Canada which will help apply for citizenship soon.

    After travel to Canada, try to change name and then apply for citizenship.
  3. > Unfortunately and others can correct me believe it would be the same condition as getting a new card which can only be applied for from within Canada not from outside.


    If you can, get your passport and PR back, no one can retain those documents and as someone suggested, right course might be to hire a family lawyer/seek police assistance.
    If that is not feasible, alternative approach would require you to go through a stolen passport process and then get a PRTD on it to come back in Canada and then apply for stolen PR card process.

    Any remnants of your past relation on passport/PR will have no legal implication.

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