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Unofficial Break after completing two semester?

Discussion in 'Education' started by mandeepsingh1, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Hi friends my name is mandeep i came to canada in september batch of 2016 i have completed 2 semesters with an average of 3.30 gpa can i work full time in an unofficial drop but i have a medical reason for it.
  2. No - you can't work full time. You cannot work at all. It's illegal to work during an unscheduled break.
  3. but my exams were over on 28th april and then leg got hurt and doctor said you need i month bed rest so i took a drop wont this be considered as an official break
  4. also the exams for third semester are over now and now they have holidays until september 12 can i work full time now
  5. An official break is one that is scheduled in the program you are taking - it's a break that all students in your program would have taken. Did all of the students in your program take a break at that time?
  6. You are only allowed to work during scheduled breaks. You shouldn't start working again until you start attending classes again in September.
  7. thats what i am saying now no ones gonna go to the college now until 10 th september so thats why i am saying if i can go to college now
  8. i mean to say now can i go to work
  9. You should make sure student visa was not cancelled because you did not attend last semester and your school would have reported that you stopped attending.
  10. Hi Mandeep actually i am thinking of taking unofficial drop after third semester due to some financial and personal problems. Somebody is saying i have to go back to India after my studies if i’ll take drop now and i will not get work permit? Is this just rumours or truth?
  11. If you drop, you will not qualify for a PGWP. You will also not be allowed to work during that time and the school will be required to report yourabsence to IRCC, which could result in the cancellation of your study permit.
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