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University of Regina September 2019 Intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ayuche, May 17, 2019.

  1. Hey guys

    I am trying to connect with people who are joining University of Regina this fall. Also even if you are planning on the next Winter intake, feel free to reply. My idea is to connect before we begin classes.
  2. I just applied for September 4 2019 intake waiting for the visa outcome from the Canadian embassy here in Nigeria.
  3. Cool. Which course in UoR?
  4. B.sc computer science
  5. Cool. You are from Nigeria?
  6. Yes am from Nigeria and living in Lagos State for now.
  7. Drop your number, will add you to a group
  8. Ok 08165725031
  9. Does that include your country code?
  10. +2348165725031
  11. I got admission for September 2019 / may 2020 intake,yet to submit my visa application because my wife is yet to deliver.I will very soon.this is my number 08089305005
  12. I have applied for 4 Sept 2019 intake
    MEng in Industrail Systems Engineering from Pakistan.
    i am going to apply for VISA on next month

    Contact WhatsApp No.: .
  13. Hello, how's wify doing now? Please can you help me and put me through the admission process step by step guideline, i m an intended applicant from PH, Thank you in anticipation.. Here's my email... galaxybabe3@gmail.com
  14. Add me too pls +14372156651 . I’m a Nigerian

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