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University Category Visa Processing Time

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Priyavart Rajain, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. He Guys!
    If i got an offer from a canadian university and have 7.5 not less than 6.5 bands , paid 1st semester fees. What will be the processing time?
    How is University Category different from General Category?
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  2. No guarantees on the processing time you can expect a decision in 7 weeks this is the official timeline according to cic. It can be lesser than 7 weeks too, depending on the volume of applications.

    Calgary is a top university. You should not worry about it’s credibility. Visa processing time is the same irrespective of university or province. But your chances of getting a favourable visa decision is high, since your going to a top ranked university!
  3. Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful answers bro , i will apply by the end of this week. I hope everything goes smoothly.
  4. Your welcome and all the best with your visa application!
  5. Hi guys, my wife got admission into Dalhousie university for Msc in internetworking. She got admission on basis of medium of instruction(english).she had her Ielts too but in reading she got 5.5 rest all 6.5 overall band is 6.5. I just want to know if She can apply for visa under university category or she need to retake her ielts
    . Please advice me. Thank
  6. This band score can lead to rejection. It will be good if she makes atleast 6 in each .
  7. Hey mate! Can you please tell me how much GPA she has got in graduation. I am also thinking of applying in Dalhousie but not sure about gpa as mine is not too high. Thanks.
  8. Hi i also applied in University of regina and my course duration is 4.5 years long and i applied on 11/4 /2019 and biometric was done on 18/4/19 and medical was updated on 15/5. But i didn't get any update now
  9. I m going to UofR too. Applied on 27th May
  10. You got any update? And what is u r time line post me
  11. Applied 27th May
    Biometrics 31st may
    1st acknowledgement letter 10th June
    2nd acknowledgement letter 24 June
    Request for medical 28th June
    Sent emedical via webform on 29th June
    Received mail from IRCC on 6th June that they received it. No update on GC key yet.
  12. any further updates?
  13. Hello i am QuentinMathew , i have too recievied an offer letter from university of Windsor for masters program and have cleared IELTS with over all score of 7.5bands no less than 6.5 each. I have first semester fees ready and GIC as well
    Do i need to show other source of funds during apply for university category visa?
    Kindly suggest me..

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