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Unable to get Biometric appointment since 75 days


Aug 26, 2020
I had applied for Canada PR through express entry as a single applicant. I got the Biometric instruction letter in Nov-2020 and I have been trying to get a biometric appointment with VFS Chandigarh since then. But whenever I fill the webform https://vfs-cic.mioot.com/forms/appointments/, their website says that "Biometric appointment may now be requested from Family Class Priority, Study Permit, Workers permit , Returning Workers & Returning Students. Please continue to visit the COVID-19 page on this website for further updates "

The last date for me to get my biometric done is 15 days from now. Can anyone help on how to get my biometric done on time? (I have tried scheduling at different VFS centers but unable to get a date).


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Mar 16, 2021
How did you booked?
I am trying to book online but it only says that biometric can now be booked?
Please help.
If u are not able to get it booked for some rason, ask your agent to do it for you. We also hav a lot of cafes in India that help you fill out online forms n applications, you can go n ask them. Otherwise, you can try booking from a different phone or laptop. Sometimes the issue lies with the web browser.