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TVR application

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Sarah0018, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Hi! Im from the Philippines. Im planning to apply a Temporary Resident Visa next month going to Canada to visit my partner hoping I could stay/visit her for 6 months.

    I have a few questions regarding the TRV application. Am i obliged to already book a plane ticket going to canada as a proof or just a sample itinerary? Also, should i also get medical? Do i need an invitation from my partner as proof they will be supporting my stay in Canada even if i have the means to support myself?
  2. 1. Don't book a plane ticket until you have the visa. Submit a sample itinerary.

    2. You don't need a medical for a TRV generally. Don't get one unless IRCC asks you to.

    3. You can get an invitation letter, but be aware that having one that says your "partner" will support you is a way to get your application rejected. You need to be able to afford it yourself. If your partner gives you an invitation letter, have it say that you will pay your own way, or that you will share expenses. If your partner is in Canada or is Canadian, the visa officer will be concerned you will overstay and get married or otherwise attempt to obtain PR or just illegally remain in Canada.
  3. Thanks for answering all of my concerns.
    My partner is a permanent resident in Canada. According to my partner, her mom will be the one providing the letter of invitation. My partner is coming here on December to visit me until February. Our plan is, if i get approved, I will be leaving the Philippines on the date of her return in Canada.

    Few more questions, how many weeks or months will i get the result of my TRV application? Can i re-apply if ever i get rejected? I wanted to give it a try and come with her in Canada for a visit. She is also planning on sponsoring me under conjugal partner since I am married (separated for 7yrs) and cant get divorce because divorce isnt allowed here in the Philippines.
  4. You can check processing times for Canadian visas by doing a Google Search for "Canada visa processing times."

    If you get rejected, you can re-apply, but you must address the reasons for rejection.

    If you are approved, you cannot apply for conjugal partner sponsorship. Conjugal partner sponsorship requires an immigration barrier - if you can come to Canada, you do not have an immigration barrier to be together. You could then come to Canada and achieve common-law status and be sponsored that way.
  5. Yes, Ive read some threads/forums that if i get approved, we can achieve a common law status. But, worst case scenario if I get rejected, can we use the denied TRV as proof that there is an immigration barrier that is preventing us to be together aside from the fact I am still married and cant get divorce here in the Philippines.
  6. Yes, if you get rejected for a TRV you can use that as proof for conjugal status. Like I said, if you're approved for a TRV, you cannot apply as a conjugal partner.
  7. Thank you

  8. What is a National Identity Document? Part of the form asks for National Identity Document and its document number.
  9. Hi

    1. Some countries issue their citizens a NIC, if yours doesn't put N/A
  10. Okay thank you!

    2. On the CIC online services form, I am asked if I have a family member that is a canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada. What should i answer?

    I have a girlfriend in Canada for 2 years. Is she considered as my family member?
  11. No. She is not legally or biologically in your family.
  12. Thanks for making it clear for me.

    3. Purpose of my visit.

    I am visiting my girlfriend in Canada. What should i pick of all the choices? Family visit, tourism, or other?

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