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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by PAGR, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Can some one advise me the probability of issuance of TRV, shall be applying from home country in next 2-3 days..

    I am planing to visit my sister in CA, USA for 2 weeks. From there I will be going to see Niagara Falls for 3 days( 2 nights), so my itinerary is like India--> USA--> Canada-->USA-->India.

    I am visiting alone since I am divorcee, I have a stable job here in India and maintain a stable balance. Shall be showing my property as well. I have a travel history since 2001 which is :
    USA – H1-B Work Permit
    Malaysia - Work Permit
    Europe (France, Netherlands) - Business visa
    USA - L1 work Permit
    USA - L1 work Permit
    USA - L1 work Permit
    Australia - visitor visa
    Dubai - visitor visa
    Dubai - visitor visa
    Malaysia - Business
    USA - B1/B2 visa
    USA - B1/B2 visa

    I was granted Canadian visitor visa in 2005 for 6 months when I was traveling to US on work visa but could not visit canada back then. What are my chances of visitor visa now given the fact that I am a divorcee and my mother is a pensioner and not going with me - Thanks
  2. @Bryanna - Your crisp observation is really appreciable.. thanks
  3. I
    I think canadian embassy people will come to your residence and grant you visa....:)
  4. IMO, you have pretty good chances of a TRV approval.

    You would need to submit adequate evidence of your employment + your financials + property ownership + dependence of your mom + a detailed day-by-day plan for your visit including expense estimates for hotels/meals/local travel/entry fees, etc + your flight itinerary + a broad plan for your US visit.

    Your travel history for the last 10 years (not from 2001) will be considered. You must submit a Travel History explanation.

    As you have a valid US visa, you can request for CAN+ processing
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  5. @Bryanna - Thank you. I have a question - how to show dependence of mother on me? Although she is aged ( around 77 yrs) but financially she is not dependent on me as he gets her monthly pension.
  6. Evidence that she lives at the same address as yourself + if you pay for the rent/you own the property (property tax receipts + property maintenance charges, etc if applicable) + a couple of utility bills/receipts + if you pay for your mom's medical insurance + if she has a medical condition/lifestyle condition and you take care of her
  7. @Bryanna

    I applied TRV (online) yesterday. I think I goofed up a bit while applying, not sure how would consular take my request:

    1) My plans is to visit Canada for 2 days , especially one day at Niagara falls, ON and another day touring the city around. Hence I mentioned same in TRV form.
    But in cover letter, I mentioned that I will be visiting Toronto for 2 days.
    I should have been more careful especially with the locations. I forgot to correct while uploading.

    2) Also, in a separate section of client information, I uploaded additional information (leave approval, pay stubs, financial + property papers, income tax returns, flight + hotel booking etc ) embedded in a word document. Since with 4 MB limitation, I had to reduce the size of each of above mentioned documents. So consular will have to enlarge the size of documents in order to read . I hope this is OK ?

    Please, can you shed some light based on your experience on above points I mentioned. One mistake (#1)can hamper my chances of issuance of visa. And there is no way now I can correct the blunder. - Thanks
  8. It is careless because it does not show consistency in the visit plans. It would have been different if you said you want to visit Niagara Falls and then drive up to Toronto.

    I'm not too sure if the visa officer (who is generally hard pressed for time) will take the trouble to zoom in and read each individual document. I would have suggested a paper submission in this case but you've already applied.

    And, hopefully none of these low resolution scans are pixelated/ too low res to read especially on zooming in.

    You could email the supporting evidence to the relevant local visa office.... and request them to consider these documents for your application
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  9. you will have a response in less than 5 days
    you had Canadian Visitor Visa
    you have US Visitor Visa and Australian Visitor Visa, that's a plus

    you have left all the countries you have visited before any permanence expiration, even Canada

    It will be approve

    INFO (don't worry about small details)
    My father applied for a Canada's visitor visa, most of his explanation letters were in Spanish (only my invitation letter was in English)
    He has US Visitor Visa and a wide travel history
    It was approved in 3 days
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  10. Guess I paid more attention collecting supporting docs rather than paying attention to the actual form.... Lets see whats happens..:(
  11. Hope you've emailed the scanned documents in a suitable resolution as well
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    @Bryanna - No , I have not emailed any document yet... I dont even know who to email to? pls guide
  13. Applied at VFS - July 19th
    Received at CVO - July 20th
    Where - New Delhi VFS
    Method - Paper
    Link to Online Account - 2nd Aug
    Status - In Progress, Eligibility review not started yet.

    by when the decision would be taken.. any idea?

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