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TRV with my Father to visit my half brother

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ranvir kang, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Hello there,
    I am Abhishek , age 25, from Ludhiana ,Punjab, India.
    I want to tell you that i have applied for canada study visa in 2015 and it was refused. After that, i was married in jan 2016 and was blessed with a baby boy in nov 2016. I have applied to Newzealand visitor visa in October 2017 to visit my real sister(married and PR in NZ) alone without my family and it got refused, reason being no travel history and low economic funds and no proof of income in bank.
    Now, i have applied for TRV Canada to attend the birthday party of my nephew , my brother has booked a hotel and everything was included in the invitation lettter.my brother has a saving of nearly $68,000 I am applying my TRV with my father. My brother is PR in canada , he is my real brother but due to some family arrangement and as my father has 2 marriages, i am adopted by second mother , and in this way my real brother is my half brother in papers. We have lived in the same house since birth together and i have attached all our pictures with the file to prove strong relationship. My current business in INDIA is a Garment showroom and Agriculture business. My father has shown his agriculture business and Rental Income from 2 showrooms.Apart from that,me and my father have shown near Rs. 10 CR In the total net worth(including land, property,cash) and 2 bank account ( we are joint with each other in both accounts) have 11lakh and 3.5 lakhs and FD of nearly 9 lakhs .
    Hotel booking, all property documents, tractor RC’s , showroom picture, everything is attached.
    We have submitted one file together, i want to ask is there any chance that my father will get visa and i will be declined or is there any positive chance of my visa approval.
  2. Hi,

    First, it's not possible to guess the chances of an approval.

    Second, you have already applied. There's nothing much that we can do to help you now. You will need to wait for the decision.

    Hope you have declared your Canada study permit refusal + your NZ visitor visa refusals in your new Canada visa application.

    If this is a milestone birthday then fine. Otherwise, birthdays are not compelling reasons to visit.

    Your brother's finances don't matter. You and your dad should individually prove that you have the finances to afford the trip.

    You should have submitted two separate applications because you're not a minor who is dependent on your dad.

    If your brother and you have the same mother and the same father then he is your real brother/brother.... not your half brother.

    Hope you included the legal adoption papers.


    All the best. Hope you and your father are granted TRVs soon
  4. Thanks for the advice @Bryanna . Yes, it is a milestone birthday, my father has never seen his granddaughter and also it is her first birthday. We have got one single invitation letter, so for this very reason we have submitted one file and i have mentioned my previous refusals as well. He is my half brother because since my birth , i have name of my step mother on my every document, so in this way, she is officially shown as my biological mother and there is no paper of adoption needed.
    Thnks again.
    Appreciate your reply on my querry.

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