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Trv requirements for my family

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by malik1987, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Hello

    I m living and working in france . I applied a trv and I got the visit visa for canada. I still didn’t travel but it’s valid till 20123. My question is I have plans to travel to Canada with my family I have one daughter of 2 years old . And my wife married legally in 2015. My wife is a pakistan national living in srilanka with a residence srilankan visa.

    So what are the requirements needed to apply for to my daughter and my wife for a visit visa to canada?

    What is the amount needed to show for our expenses?

    I’m working in france and I can show my working stuffs?

    I need a idea how and what are the documents needed?

    I have a name mistake in my marriage certificate I married in srilanka so for that mistake how am I to proof that it’s a mistake ?? Am I to forward an affidavit or what?


  2. You need to follow the same process to get a TRV for your wife and child that you followed to get your own visa. The document list can be found in the link below. Yes - you can show your employment in France. You want to show at least $10,000 in available funds - but more would of course be better.

  3. Ok so for the name mistake in my marriage certificate!what can I do for it?
  4. Wouldn’t buy any tickets until you receive their TRVs. It is far from guaranteed that they will be able to get TRVs.

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