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TRV refused today

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by szaidi3, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I applied for TRV from Lahore Pakistan. I applied for TRV on 11th july. I am a doctor and working in a renowned hospital.
    Therefore I possess good employment history. I am married (nikkah only) and living with my mother and other family members. Therefore I have good social ties. My purpose of visit was to attend a medical conference. The whole trip was funded including travel ticket, accommodation and registration fee. However I attached my own bank statements, husband's cover letter and bank statement, an affidavit explaining whole purpose of visit. I possess good travel history with multiple entries in Schengen areas
    Today my visa was rejected on the following grounds.
    You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary
    resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:
    -Travel history
    -Family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    -Purpose of visit
    -I am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds, including income or assets, to carry out your stated
    purpose in going to Canada or to maintain yourself while in Canada and to effect your departure.

    Can anyone please explain?
  2. is that was Business purpose trips ?
  3. I applied for 6 days only in order to attend a medical conference. It was a scientific session where I was invited to give a presentation.
  4. did you travel UK USA or Aus in past for same sort of events?
  5. Yes I have visited UK twice. No visits for USA or AUS. Several visits to Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy
  6. 1. What documents did you submit?

    2. Who is paying for your visit?

    3. Have you traveled abroad for other similar medical conferences?

    4. Do you have immediate family in Canada?
  7. Documents that I submitted:
    Invitation letter
    Passport copies with stamps of UK and Schengen countries. Last visit was in march 2018.
    Travel health insurance
    Travel itinerary (applied for 6 days only)
    Hotel confirmation letter paid by organization for 6 days
    Purpose of visit on affidavit
    Conference scientific programme book
    Letter from conference president stating that they will take care of my travel and accommodation plus other expenses
    Confirmation letter as speaker for scientific session
    Employment proof letter
    Leave letter from hospital
    3 month bank statements
    husband cover letter with his bank statements
    marriage certificate
    wedding card ( as official wedding is booked for Nov 2018)

    Who is paying for the visit?
    Conference authorities. giving amount for travel ticket. hotel already booked and paid fully. registration fee waived. Plus I also showed my own bank statement for any other expenses.

    Have I ever travel abroad for any other similar conferences?
    I have always travel abroad for such medical conferences. I usually go thrice a year to UK, Europe for such medical meetings

    Do I have immediate family in Canada?
    No I do not have any one in Canada. My whole family is in Pakistan. just one sister lives in Europe. official wedding is planned for Nov 2018. I did attach my wedding card just to affirm them that I have to come back for my own wedding.
  8. Can anybody help me in finding the reasons of refusal?

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