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TRV online application made outside Canada - November applicant

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Butintin, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. hello!

    Anybody here who applied for TRV this november through online and got updates already? My mother applied hers last nov17 and no update yet.
  2. Hey, Applied on Oct 1st Online, Still no update......o_O
  3. Really?? Which country did you apply from?i applied my mom’s visa from the Philippines. It says the processing time is only 18days so i was expecting we’ll get a decision within this time frame. Did you try emailing them to ask the status?
  4. I applied for my mother-in-law online last night for Philippines. I am expecting about a 2-3 week wait.

    This person above that has been waiting since Oct 1st, they need to call and follow up, something is wrong.

  5. Oh good. Would you mind updating us if you got an approval already? I got quite nervous when i read threads here regarding refusal.. i hope we did ours right
  6. I am from India, and our time for processing is 44 days....
  7. I am from India, our time frame says its 44 days ....
  8. When did the review of your eligibility start? When did you receive visitor acknowledgement letter?
  9. Oh i see, so i guess it is really still on process then.
  10. I just got an update now that they are reviewing the eligibility to apply. She didnt receive any email for notification, we just opened her CIC account thats why we knew.
  11. Yes I got the same. I am nervous as well because my wife is giving birth in April and we want her mom here for that. She hasn't seen her mom in over 5 years. But her mom has nothing, no money, no travel history, nothing. So I tried to build a case to make it sound as if she has more then she actually does. Her mom couldn't even come for our wedding so this is a big problem if she is denied.

  12. We’re almost on the same both. My mom is unemployed, and no travel history. I actually thought it will still be easy for us because our kabayans always says its easy to get them, not until i read threads here regarding refusal which made me really nervous. But i have a friend at grand prairie with the same situation as mine and still they got approve. Her mom doesnt even have bank account back home. I dont know how did they do it. I guess we just have to seal our applications with prayers and faith
  13. Yep, I hear you. my mother-in-law actually needs to go back because she makes the payments on the house and motorcycles, I included all that info. I am really just nervous because she just got a passport and has been nowhere. We made a bank account last year and have about $1000 Cad in it now. my side of it, I make a good living, own a house ect, but for TRV they base it on the applicant not the sponsor. I even included a letter from my parents telling how much they want to meet their in-law. My wife is sick over this because she hasn't seen her mom in over 5 years and now that she is giving birth next year, if her mom cant come here, she wont be able to go back home for a few years. I get that they need to deny some people, but lets hope that both of us get approved. Lets keep each other updated.

  14. Hey, it says on the status just now that it has been updated, but upon checking it nothing has change

  15. Hey our application has been approved today!!! Thank u God!!
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