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TRV of child. Parents have PR

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by rajjan, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Hi All,
    How much is the posibility to get a TRV for my child born in India. Other family members have PR and are in India.

    Please advise.
  2. It won't be easy. Your best option is for one parent to move back to Canada and then sponsor the child
  3. Hi dear,
    There could be a problem in sponsoring as I am not able to meet RO requirement. I have heard that one cannot sonsore unless he has completed 2 years in Canada.
  4. That makes it even more complicated. If you did manage to get a TRV, the child would have no health care coverage in Canada. And if you don’t meet RO, you can sponsor the child and if you do try, it will be refused and a residency review started on your own PR.
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  5. If you can't get a TRV or TRPf or your child you will have to make some tough decisions. You could also get reported at the airport for not meeting your RO.
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  6. Good Day!!
    Dear team mine and my wife's Canadian work permit under processing in canadian high commission,
    but by the time my wife's delivery is getting closer could you please advice me after delivery whether I can bring my baby under wife's visa or is there any other process for it.
    Appreciate your greatest advice on this matter.
  7. You would need to apply for a TRV for your child.
  8. The thing is we still did not start to work and waiting for visa in this way is it possible to apply TRV ,if yes how I need to start process,
    Waiting to hearing from you
  9. You'll have to wait and see whether yogurt your work permits. The child is not born yet so you'll have to apply then but you'll need the baby's IDs to apply.

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