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TRV Ind - Can

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sanjivkumar_82, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. In July 19 my TRV is refused due to purpose of visit, personal assets and financial status, family ties in Canada and India and travel history.
    My purpose was to meet my real younger brother and his wife, sponsorship letter along with salary slip, bank statement. tax notices, PR card, health card of both sponsors' were attached.
    I have net worth of Rs. 67 lac including property of Rs. 47 lac in my parents' name, bank balance of 3 lac, mutual fund/ fds of Rs.6 lac, owned car Rs 4.25 lac, gold of rs. 5 lac capital in partnership firm of Rs. 2 lac. I have enclosed 3 years income tax returns, Six months bank statement (earlier operating normally and major fund flow from May 19 onward from my partnership firm's bank account) and 3 years income tax returns of firms with balance sheets, TDS forms from different institutes and one year bank statements.
    I have my parents, wife and one son, living in a joint family with me. evidences were attached. My wife is also working and her employment evidences were also attached.
    I have no travel history.
    I am a genuine visitor but got refusal. Kindly suggest what to improvise to get TRV?
  2. To get approved your brother and his family’s finances are not the main issue it is yours. You can’t count property that is not in your name or any business accounts. If you just look at your liquid savings it isn’t enough. You must show you can pay for your whole trip even if our family will help with the cost plus still have savings leftover for your family. You don’t have any travel history which is an issue and it is unclear why you want to visit Canada. Given your personal bank balance it would not make sense to use a large portion of your savings to visit Canada when you have a family.
  3. I have shown liquid money of approx Rs. 9 Lac ($18000) as my personal saving. Yes the property is the name of my parents, i have not claimed the business accounts' balance and the purpose of visit was just to meet my family and attend birthday celebration of my sister in law at their residence.
  4. Based on your previous posts you have around 5.5K liquid and around 10K in fixed deposits. The fact that your liquid savings is low is a big deal. Celebrating your SIL’s birthday is not a very good reason to spend so much of your savings especially since you won’t be travelling with your family. I would order the GCMS notes and slowly address IRCCs concerns over time and then apply for a new TRV.
  5. can you please share the link to order GCMS?

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