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Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Sarah0018, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Hi! I have a few questions on filling up the TRV application. Im from the Philippines by the way.

    1. What is a National Identity Document? Part of the form asks for National Identity Document and its document number.

    2. Purpose of my visit.
    I am visiting my girlfriend in Canada. What should i pick of all the choices? Family visit, tourism, or other?

    3. Person i am visiting in Canada, relationship to me.

    Since i am visiting my girlfriend, can i write or put “girlfriend” on the form? I am married but had been separated for more than 7yrs now.

    4. Education.
    Have you had any post secondary education (university, college or training)

    What does this mean? I was able to go to college but failed to finish my 4yr course. Should i write it down there?

    5. Country or teritory where applying?
    (Is it where i am from at the moment)

    6. Have you previously been married or in a common law relationship?

    I am still married. Should i check the “yes” box. The form also asks “from” and “to”. Is it the date of our marriage? Its confusing why i need to fill up “from and to” when i am still married.

    (Divorce isnt allowed in the Philippines even if i am separated from my husband for many years)

    7. Employment

    I havent been employed but had businesses in the past. Should i leave it blank?

    8. Proof of Financial support

    Can i provide the remittances slip i receive regularly/every month since i am unemployed at the moment?

    9. Im confused if i need to pay for the biometrics first before submitting my TRV application.

    10. Can i incluse a letter of invitation? Does it need to be notarized?
  2. Honestly if you are unemployed the chances of approval are pretty low. What kind of strong ties do you have. Job and property are the big ones.
  3. Unfortunately, i am currently unemployed but have enough money on the bank. I have 2 kids here in the Philippines. Would that be enough reason I am going back to the Philippines because I will be leaving them with my relatives temporarily?

    I am trying my best to be able to come to Canada for a visit and if ever i get denied, I believe I can use it as a proof we have immigration barrier with my girlfriend under conjugal sponsorship?
  4. I anticipate a refusal but you need the refusal for conjugal application. You never know.
  5. Base on your knowledge/answers from my concerns, most likely I would get refused but somehow atleast i showed an effort that I really wanted to find a way to be with my girlfriend.

    You think the refusal or denied letter of TRV can be used to show there is an immigration barrier preventing us to be together?
  6. On the TRV form, purpose of travel, what should i pick if i would be visiting my girlfriend? The choices are, tourism, family visit, other? Should it be tourism or other?

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