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TRV for family advise

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by expatuae85, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    my case is very complicated, I just need some advise and insights.

    Im inviting my mother and siblings here for 2 weeks this Christmas.

    Mother is widow, retired and receives monthly remittance from me and my other siblings, has a house and lot under her name back home, travels to the UAE often to visit my sisters

    brother ( single) is living with mother back home who has an engineering job but is less than a year, travelled to thailand for vacation and visits my sisters in the UAE with my mother

    sisters (both single) are in the UAE, working and just visited Thailand and home country for a short vacation. stable jobs and has little savings

    All of them celebrated the holidays in the UAE without me last year since I just immigrated here and now I wanted all of them to celebrate with me this coming December.

    any thoughts?
  2. Honestly, the chances of getting TRV's for all of them at one time are slim to none IMO. There would be no ties left to their home country and IRCC would see them as being a significant risk for overstaying.

  3. Just what I thought. Need to find more ways to strengthen their ties.
  4. They all must show that they have the savings to pay for the trip even if you will be helping them pay for flight and or providing a place to stay. They also seem to have no travel history to countries like US, UK, Australia, NZ, etc. Would suggest that you go to UAE. Much more likely that you will be able to see your family if you go to them.
  5. IMO, the chances of TRV approvals are slim, both individually as well as if they apply simultaneously.

    They cannot apply together:
    1. Your brother is not a minor and cannot be part of your mom's application.
    2. Your sisters are applying from another country/not in the same country as your mom and brother.
    3. Each application will be assessed for its individual merits.

    Strong ties: Her property ownership
    Weak points: No finances (greater the financial dependence on you/your siblings, lesser the chances of returning home) + no employment + no travel history

    Strong point: Employment
    Weak points: Employment (recent graduate, recently employed) + no assets + financial situation is not strong + no dependent family members + no travel history

    Strong point: Employment + I'm assuming they have a lease agreement
    Weak points: Employment (employment does not pay too well or else their expenses are high) + no assets + financial situation is not strong + no dependent family members + no travel history + they would be applying from the UAE where they have temporary immigration status

    1. You could apply only for your mom by indicating your brother as the family tie to return to + if your brother alone can financially support her visit (not you as the host). Even with this, her chances of an approval are low.

    2. I recommend not applying for any of your siblings this year.

    3. You can travel to the UAE for Christmas to meet them. UAE is liberal in issuing visas and there won't be an issue for your brother to be issued one
  6. Thank you so much for the input.
  7. Thank you so much, really appreciate your opinion.
    I will have to really think about it

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