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TRV for child born outside Canada (India) whose parents hold PR of Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by shibinp, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hello dears,

    It has been a while here and now here comes the time to show up again!

    Me and my family holds PR (except my new born). Due to my wife's health concern she has to leave Canada while she was pregnant for her good. Hence my second baby was born in India and now I am trying to apply for both TRV and PR through family sponsorship for my new born. I am planning to bring him on TRV as PR will take quite long and I don't really wanted to be separated from them so long. I will process PR in parallel. Does any one of you have any such experience on bringing new born, who born outside Canada, through TRV? I searched this forum and internet quite long and couldn't find any detailed information on this. Also read some scary story of visa denial as parent holds PR from a thread date back 2012 or so.

    Much appreciate if anyone has any similar recent experience, what you have done, and valuable advise from other experienced members from here.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi

    As a PR, you must be in Canada on order to sponsor your child. You cannot submit the PR app while you are in India.

    There is a good chance that the TRV will be refused, as it is clear to CIC that you want the child to live in Canada and therefore he is not a genuine visitor. If the TRV is refused, you can apply for a TRP, Temporary Resident Permit. There have been PRs able to bring their foreign-born children to Canada on TRPs.

    If the TRP is also refused, then you will have to return to Canada without the child in order to sponsor him.
  3. Hi canuck_in_uk,

    Yes, I am in Canada only. I am planning to visit my family back in India next month and if I get a TRV/TRP I will bring them with me on April. That's what I am actually trying. I have already started gathering documents and completing for sponsoring and will submit it ASAP. Only thing I could not do medical for my child upfront as they are in India (it will take time) I hope that would be OK.

    How to apply for TRP? I could not find any online option for that! When I used "Come to canada" online questionnaire for checking eligibility of my child, it shows 2 options: Sponsor your family member or Visitor visa. That's why I started processing visitor visa fro my child.

    thank you
  4. You should have the child's medical done prior to submitting the app in order to avoid any possible delays in processing.

    Apply for the TRV. If it's refused, submit another TRV app and a letter requesting a TRP. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/inadmissibility/permits.asp
  5. Thank you for your reply. I am planning to apply for TRV first as you suggested. I hope I can do it online on behalf of my new born as I am his father. Or do you think better I request my wife to initiate it (again online) from her end. She is in India, but would be using online anyway and I see it is the same website and online process. So I could not see that would make any difference if I initiate or my wife.

    thank you
  6. It doesn't matter which of you applies.
  7. I thought I must give an update on this; I was away for a vacation for a month and back couple of weeks back - yes with my new born and family :)

    My son's TRV was approved without any issues. It took only 6 or 7 days to get the approval (applied online). Thanks to everyone in this forum who helped by answering my questions.

    I had applied only for 6 months visa for him coz we hadn't done medical for him at that time. However when landed based on his PR application status etc. border officer gave 1 year Visitor record. (Interestingly his Visa expiry was until his passport expiry, that is 2020. But I was sure that at border they would give a different date)

    When I applied a visitor visa for him, I too see a lot of negative stories on this hence was very skeptical about this. At the same time I thought people will mostly discuss failure stories (to find a solution etc.), hence there must be success stories also out there. I believe my assumption was correct, yes my son granted a visit visa while his parents are on PR. However I had clearly mentioned my story (how he happened to born in India etc.) in the invitation letter.

    I hope this update will help someone in the same situation. Some of the points:

    1) Clearly mention your situations in the invitation letter or letter of explanation.
    2) Start PR process as well for your child and in your explanation letter mention this and provide a copy of your CIC fee paid receipt (you will have only this proof, if you are applying immediately for visa after PR application. Else you can give AOR etc.)
    2) Better apply online, complete/provide all documents they ask. I usually add simple cover letter with each proof I added to explain what it is. Then make it as a single PDF (like cover letter in first page and proof in second one). If some docs are not relevant or needs explanation we can explain things this way.
    3) Never ever mention any medical condition as the reason for your child's birth in India.
    4) Your financial proofs are very important. In addition to the T4 and Pay stubs I had also given bank statement.
    5) I believe it is better to have a very good job/ income source as proof. If you don't have these better not to apply until you get a job.

    You may see a lot of negative story, don't bother, try your best!

    I had also started hi PR process at the same time. Now my sponsorship has been approved and they forwarded PR application to New Delhi (India) for further processing.

    So good luck!
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  8. Hi Shibinp,
    I am exactly in the same situation as you were in, Can you please send a test email to kishan.phani@gmail.com as I need some help for few clarifications.

    OR Please provide your email ID so that I can take your help.

    Thank you very much!

    Please see if you can help. I assure that you will not be troubled much.
  9. Hi Shibin,

    Are we able to apply online for the minor child alone from India? If yes, should I create new account for my kid OR can I apply from my own GCkey account?

  10. Dear fellow immigrants,

    Hope you having a warm summer in Canada.

    I am writing this to seek your advise and ideas on the VISA category for my dependent child (new born baby). I am on student VISA to Canada accompanied with my wife, when she got pregnant, she had to go back to India to keep herself comfortable during pregnancy. Now, I am planning to get them back to Canada, as my wife already has Open Work permit, I am bothered about the VISA category for my new born child. Some told me that I can bring the child as a VISITOR, however, wouldn't this option cause a complication when I extend my VISA to a worker / PR ? Which category should I apply for my child ? Please help.

    Your advise/comments are highly appreciated.
  11. The only option is a TRV.
  12. Hi canuck_in_uk, shibinp,

    I have now applied for sponsorship for my child last month. I am not sure when I would be getting AOR. Hope I would get it soon:)

    I want to know if it is advisable to apply for TRV with the fee receipt of this sponsorship application or wait until I get AOR and then apply for TRV with it.

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks a ton in advance.
  13. Just making a blind attempt to reach out to you. Not sure if you even access this forum now. If you do, kindly ping back and i will connect for some help.

    Thanks a lot.
  14. @kashjuni were you able to secure TRV/TRP for your child. Please provide information regarding the process.
  15. Sorry but i have yet not applied for it. Will do after i move to Canada and then apply to bring my child to Canada
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