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TRV Approved!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kanislupos, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Hi I was here a while back, asking for help regarding a TRV. And I made the mistake of purchasing plane tickets before I even applied for the visa but it got approved today and I am SO relieved! Considering my circumstances I was pretty pessimistic and paranoid about approval but I guess with the right documentation (Thanks Bryanna!) things might just go well. If anyone needs a sample cover letter of document list please let me know!
  2. Hi, my sister will be applying for TRV next week. It would be deeply appreciated if you can share a sample cover letter of document list.
    Thank you!

    [COUNTRY] Passport No : XXXXXXXX,
    Visa Application for Visit Purposes

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I would like to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for the purpose of visit to [PLACE] in the province of [PLACE] on my term break from the [DATE] to the [DATE]. I will be due to start the next term on the [DATE].

    My purpose for travel is to visit my friend [HOST NAME], whom I have known for X years. I will be staying with him and his parents for the duration of this trip. I would be seeing the sights in [PLACE] National Park, visiting the [PLACE] and experiencing Canadian hospitality. A detailed itinerary will be attached.

    I am a [COUNTRY] citizen, currently registered as a degree student, studying for a [COURSE], offered by [COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY,COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE]. I have obtained leave from my Program Manager and will be visiting on my term break as reflected in my college schedule, in the student contract. I am in [COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE] under a Student’s Pass which will also be attached. I have been living in [COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE] since [YEAR], as reflected in the documents attached. I am unable to attach the previous Student Passes as [COUNTRY'S] immigration laws require me to surrender expired passes. In lieu of that, I have attached Approval Letters from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to support my travel and immigration history.

    My studies and living expenses (food, rent and others) are being sponsored by my mother. However, I have saved up for this trip and the purchase of return plane tickets as shown in the attachments. I obtained funds from the sale of personal assets (gold) and gifts from family in the form of funds for my academic achievements.

    Please find the following documents to support my visa application enclosed herewith:

    - Application form, dated, signed with required pictures
    - Family Information
    - Photocopy of my [COUNTRY] birth certificate, identity card, driving license and passport, and a [COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE] student’s pass (as immigration status in current country)
    - Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Approval letters
    - Proof of financial support
    o Letter of Financial Support from my mother, who is sponsoring my studies
    o Her current bank balance and transaction history for the past months
    o My bank statements from account in current country
    o A joint savings account with grandmother in home country which is a recent inheritance
    o A joint fixed deposit with grandmother in home country that can be liquidated if required
    - Letter from university stating certification of registration and course duration
    - Offer letters and Student Contract with university stating specific course details and timetable
    - Fee payment receipt and transfer proof
    - Transcripts from previous years
    - Rental Agreement in [COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE]
    - Letter of Invitation from [HOST NAME]
    o Proof of his citizenship (Birth Certificate and Operator’s license)
    o Pay stubs from previous months
    o Screenshots of text conversations, contact details and social media connection as proof of friendship
    o Photos of care packages sent over the years
    - Detailed day-to-day itinerary including estimated budget
    - Travel History
    - Receipt for confirmed return air tickets from X Airlines

    I trust that you will find that everything is in order. For questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact me anytime.




    I hope this helps!
  4. Hey this is fantastic. Congrats and have a lovely holiday :) :)
  6. Can i ask a sample cover letter please?
  7. please can I have a sample purpose of visit aanyza@gmail.com
  8. Dear Sirs,

    I have applied for vist visa,when I applied for the visa my passpot had validity till April 2019,but I applied for new passport and I have submitted the new passport copy with in a week.But I have been issued the visa only till March 2019,eventhough I have the passport validity till 2028. Can I get the vis with more number of years validity.

    my visa number is E 731629609

    Rajan Nambiar Mavila Veetil.
  9. Hey please dont share you visa number here it’s public forum not an IRCC

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