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TRV Applied in September 2017 from Pakistan (timeline)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by haseebali, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Hi Forum members,

    I am new to this forum, a friend of mine recommended me that I should read this forum to find out the latest details and updates regarding the Canadian TRV. I applied my visa through online system as I am travelling to USA next month to attend a business exhibition in NewYork from 18th October till 20th October.

    I have a supplier in USA who also have factories and stores in Canada and when they found out that I am coming to USA they invited me to visit their factories in Canada. Their international sales director also sent me an invitation on their letter head dated 30th August.

    To support my visa application I attached the last pro forma invoice and invitation from them, my last 6 months account statements and account maintenance certificates for both company and my personal as I am the sole proprietor so I attached both, my company audit report for the year 2015-2016, my company profile which have all the information about our business and also I attached the certificates of the European companies whose brand we distribute in Pakistan and all the web links for different website where my company name is listed as a distributor for Pakistan and also VISA recommendation letter and Certificate from Chamber of Commerce Karachi, Pakistan. To support my family ties I enclosed the copy of my Government family registration certificate and marriage certificate copy. In my visa application letter I explained the purpose of my visit along with the correct dates, I also gave the reference of past business visits which includes UK, USA and Germany. I attached the relevant photos of my attendances in these shows, the recent one I attended in April and February this year.

    For travelling history I also attached last 5 years visa and passports copies and entry exit stamps. Currently I am holding the UK Visa Valid until 2022, Schengen Visa issued by German Consulate Valid until 2019 and USA Visa Valid Until 2019.

    There is one more thing I have to ask by mistake my travel agent made the wrong travel itinerary for my USA travel instead of 16th October he made for 16th September which I also accidentally attached with my travel plans, however the hotel bookings in Canada are made according to those dates I attached all those confirm hotel bookings with visa application it's just I attached the wrong itinerary. Will it affect my visa application? Rest all the dates are correct it's just the travel itinerary got wrong date. However I attached the correct one and sent it through this form https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/case-cas-eng.aspx?mission=Abu Dhabi&_ga=2.159375674.1260430544.1505727828-1129457679.1504275520

    I just found out that the processing time is 53 days where as I wanted to travel on 16th October 2017. Is there any chance or way where I can expedite my visa application. Please do share your timeline and experiences here and also advise if there's any way to expedite the procedure ?


    Kind Regards
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  2. i think your case is strong but problem in processing time period. Good luck!
  3. Hi ziastar,

    Thanks for your reply. I am just worried if something doesn’t comes up on right time or comes at the last minute how will I handle that situation ? As I can’t skip my business trip to USA, there is a exhibition which only happens once in a year. If someone had same sort of experience kindly share or guide.
  4. Haseeb i wana talk to u un private i also applied canada visit visa on 22 august 2017 from lhr still waiting bt i wana talk to u personally if u dont mind can u give me ur email
  5. brother you can request to return the passport and travel to USA; although your case would have been processing. Please contact with VFC and learn the procedure how to make a request to return the PP
  6. Whatever you wanna ask or discuss you can share and write your concerns here. This is the core idea and motive of all forums.
  7. Thanks Ziastar. The passport is still with me. I have applied online not the Paper based. However I went to VAF for the biometrics with my passport. They scanned my passport , took my photo and biometrics and returned the passport back. They told me CIC will contact me once they require my passport for the time being I should keep my passport with me and wait for their email response. This is the first time I am applying the Canada visa so don’t know much about their procedure.
  8. Hi Haseeb,

    firstly, all the best for your application. i have 1 query pertinent to biometric, did you goto Khi VFS? if yes, how long it took you to complete the biometric process? i need to get it done for my parents. secondly i have read on VFS website that timings are from 8am till 5pm. are there any specific timings for biometric or person can visit anytime during their working hours i.e. 8am till 5pm?

    by the way my timeline is Sep 19th online app.
  9. Thanks for your well wishes. Yes I went the Karachi one which is located at Baharia complex IV, Gizri. It took me hardly 10 minutes to complete the procedure because I went in the afternoon around 2:00 pm. I was the only applicant at that time, they saw that biometric letter and my passport, scanned it, took my photo from their camera, took the biometrics and that’s it. The VFS staff told me it’s quit busy in the morning. One can go anytime between 8 to 5pm without any appointment confirmation. So I suggest the best time to visit them is afternoon.Wish you all the best for your parents.
  10. Great thank u my friend...
  11. Hi,

    Has anyone noticed any new correspondence or status update in their online portal?

    By the way where does in GCKey shows that app lies at this stage?

  12. I applied on 8th September
  13. Nothing it’s all silent, nothing is updated neither any activity on the portal.

    Yesterday I also read this news which is just 4-5 days old:


    This is quit shocking and now I am fearing, if that’s the case then it’s a bad sign. Because few years back samething happened with UK visa also, that they weren’t giving any visas to Pakistan and the rejection rate was so high, later they revised their policy in 2016 and also they redesigned the visa form.
  14. Wow. Let us hope for the best.

    By the way thanks for sharing the news link.....
  15. Everyone is so quite. Haven’t heard any positive news so far. All we are getting news about long delays in processing and visa rejections. No one is sharing any success or giving any idea about the current timeline and neither any experienced members are aware from the current situation. It just only negative outcomes are the common topic in most of the threads with no sincere advises and guideline.
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