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TRV 2018 online. share your timeline Philippines

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Bob0225, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. i applied last january 8 2018
    im hoping ill get a response soon as i need to travel next month :(
    pray for me.
    im from the Philippines
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  2. I applied on 2nd Jan no reply.. But review of eligibility started anytime status will come.
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  3. how did you know that they started reviewing the eligibility?
  4. Did you apply online to thru vfs? How could u plan to travel one month before departure? You should have applied at least 3 mos before as normal application so there is still enough time..
  5. It will change in eligibility column u can see below.

    When I applied
    Reveiw of eligibility : your application is in progress. We will send the massage.

    Now it showing
    Reveiw of eligibility : we are reviewing whether you meet eligibility of your requirements.
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  6. Still thr sme
  7. You received any update email fro cic for eligibility reviewing or you check from
    Your cic account
  8. i know. it was a rather sudden invitation thougj. i applied online.
  9. oh i saw it also. it says we re reviewing your eligibility. same here.
  10. Just hope for the best but applying from PH is much faster than middle east.
  11. yes i am hopeful too because some who applied got their visa for 2 weeks only. i hope ill get mine soon too as well
  12. Would you mine to share your profile here? like financial status, travel history...
  13. i messaged you
  14. any updats from anyone who applied this month? thanks
  15. Applied online January 6 2018 for mother in law. Today 19 business days no result yet.

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