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Translated document when only a non-certified photocopy is required

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by zheka, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Hello.
    I am applying for sponsorship and some of the documents required are the photocopies (not certified) of birth and marriage certificates. I have these not in English, but translated in a perfect accordance with CIC requirements - I.e. certified copy of the original + certified translation with affidavit. Now the question: Can I send a just a photocopy of this whole package (i.e. including the photocopy of the affidavit and the photocopy of the notary stamps) and not the original translation itself? I mean I would like to keep the certified translation for future use, and they seem to only require copies.
  2. No, you must send the original translation/affidavit from translator, and a certified (not regular) photocopy of original document you are translating.
  3. If the documents were in English or French, you could send just a photocopy. However, as they are not in either of the official languages, then the translation rules apply. You need to send the original certified documents.
  4. Thank you... Minus ~300 bucks...
  5. Hi,
    My birth certificate is in Arabic, I got it translated to English from a legal translator in the UAE, but he said he can’t give the affidavit or certified copy. In that case how can I get the document attested/notarized in UAE, kindly please advice.

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