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transfer money from Oman to Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by sina61, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Hi all , I am a PR visa holder working in Oman.
    what is the best method to transfer savings from Oman to Canada?
    thank you
  2. Hi,

    I work a lot with OFX and their exchange rate is much better than the banks.

    Please check ofx.com to see if they support your country.

    If so, please send a message to me directly and I will give you a discount code that makes the exchange rate even better.

  3. Hi. We just landed in Canada from Oman about a month back. Best way to get money is to get an online bank transfer
  4. Did you transfer prior to landing?
    And if so, did you have to mention it during landing?
  5. Which bank did you use for transfer from Oman to Canada.. I am holder of bank Muscat and they don't have online transfer to Canada
  6. Hi. I have problem sending my money from Oman to Canada.

    Could you find a way to tranfer yours?

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