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Tourist Visa Refusal - Other Reason

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ppcrunner, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I applied for tourist visa in march 2017 and got a refusal.
    My All docs were real with good bank balance and property. On old passport my name was different from new one. And I didn't attached old passport with that. I travelled to Thailand 2 times at that time(on old passport). New passport was blank.

    Do I need to request for CAIPS file?
    or should apply for new application. Need suggestion. Thanks
    Following is Letter copy and refusal comment.

    • Citizenship and Citoyennete et vilko Immigration Canada Immigration Canada
    Date April 27, 2017

    Dear [myname], Thank you for your interest in visiting Canada. After a careful review of your temporary resident visa application and supporting documentation, I have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. I am refusing your application In making a decision on an application, a number of factors are considered. These may include but are not limited to

    the information in the travel and identity documents;
    the reason for the travel to Canada; the person's contacts in Canada;
    the person's ties to his or her country of residence (including immigration status, employment and family ties), the person's ability to pay for the trip and to support himself or herself while in Canada;

    whether the person is likely to respect the conditions of his or her admission to Canada; whether the person is inadmissible to Canada;
    and whether the person would be likely to leave Canada at the end of his/her authorized stay.

    To help you understand my decision, the reason(s) are provided on the following pages. You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can demonstrate that your situation meets the requirements. All new applications must be accompanied by a new processing fee.

    Only reason Ticked on papers:

    Other Reason:

    Given economic conditions, employment prospects, considering your travel history, economic establishment and family ties, I am not satisfied that you sould respect the terms of your admission as a temporary resident in canada

  2. 1. You will need to post the list of documents you submitted so that it is easier to advise.

    2. What was the purpose of your visit? And for how long?

    3. Did someone invite you?

    4. Did you transfer large amounts of money between your bank accounts without submitting an explanation? Or borrow money from someone?

    Thailand does not count as Travel History. IRCC would like to see travel to visa-required countries viz. US/ UK/ EU/ Australia/ NZ, etc.

    May not be necessary
  3. sorry for interruption but it seems like refused on all aspects not just on other reasons traveling history and financial plus current job..

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