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Tourist VISA - Name mismatch inquery

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by reach.mr.rahul, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Dear sir, friend .
    I want need apply tourist visa for uncle and aunty . I have few queries . Can some one help .
    A) since there age is 50+ and i m staying another country . Can i apply and fill the form online on behalf of them.
    2) my uncle passport dont have sir name . But uforcuntely his indian income tax report and bank account is having sur name included . Do we need to add any kind of affidavits to inform the same to cic in application
    3) is it mandantory to book flight ticket and include in application . Buz when i created their online cic profile ... they are asking return flight tickets in check list.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Yes, you can. Your uncle and aunt must sign the IMM 5476 form to appoint you as their representative.

    It's not possible that someone does not have a surname/family name. Your uncle has most probably filled his full name (given/first name and surname in the given name field of the passport application form).

    If this is the case, your uncle needs to get a new passport first i.e. a re-issue of his passport before he applies for a visa.

    You can include provisional flight itineraries/bookings not paid for + a detailed day-by-day plan for their visit with expense estimates
  3. Thank you , But can we include some kind of notary affidavit to his name clarification
  4. Your uncle needs to get a new passport before he applies for the visa.

    An affidavit won't work. All other documents have his surname. So not sure why he filled his passport application form without his surname. BTW this can be considered as misrepresentation by the Indian passport authorities
  5. I have exactly the same situation for my dad’s name as yours. So I have attached verified notary affidavit for “One and the Same Person” for surename.

    I had no other option as applying for new/reissue passport for surename correction is time taking process and I had not much time so I just applied my parents visa on 20th July paper application at New Delhi with verified notary affidavit.

    Let’s see how it goes.. hoping for the best.

    @Bryanna - my patent filled his first name and last name correctly in passport application form but unfortunately passport office did clerical mistake and they didn’t add the last name on passport.
  6. You mean the OP's dad because my dad doesn't have any issues with his passport LOL

    Like I stated earlier, Indian Passport authorities can view this as misrepresentation. It is incorrect to assume that the first name establishes the complete identity of someone. If that was the case, the world would be full of Johns, Janes and Joes.... and we would go crazy trying to identify the right person.

    It does not take very long to get a new passport re-issued if the error is genuine and can be proved with supporting documents.... or if the passport authorities made an administrative mistake while preparing the passport (like in your dad's case). It could be re-issued by Tatkal in less than one week

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