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Tourist visa applied online in May 2nd week from India join here

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sandy99980, May 15, 2018.

  1. Tourist visa applied online in May 2nd week from India join here
  2. Applied for my father
    mode: online
    date: 8th may 2018
    purpose : to attend convocation on 13 june
    status: processing
  3. I also applied 8 May no update after that
  4. There are many applicants from April last week still waiting for decision.In april processing time was 18 days and its 22 days now. So have patience and pray.
  5. hello, I applied for my Parents (both 58yrs) through an agent for a tourist visa on 1st May...
    What am I supposed to do now ?? Shall I ask the agent for any tracking details or shall I wait?
    Actually my father is a govt. employee who is about to retire so he wishes to go out of country once.
    we chose Canada as we have few family friends over there,, Although not any blood relative but we are in good terms with them.

    Don't have any idea regarding this?? Kindly help...
  6. Hi I have applied on 2nd May and just today got status of dispatching passport. Fingers crossed
  7. congrats bro and please share your result
  8. Sure I will . Any idea how much time it will take to have passport with my agent from Delhi VAC to Chandigarh ?
  9. Hi
    I already applied for visitor visa through online application to attend my son's convocation but i got refusal and i applied again after improving my application file as paper based application (offline) on 1st May but now when i am trying to link it online it shows me the previous rejected application file and doesnt show the status for latest reapplied file.
    Any help how to link my application will be appreciated.
  10. where you uploaded inviter's documents (proof of employment, NOA etc.)- in Letter of Invitation section?
  11. hello can anyone please help me to know where to upload inviter's (my husband's) documents (proof of employment, NOA etc.) while submitting online TRV
  12. I applied on 15 of april.still waiting for decision .i ised online mode.
  13. Hi guys today my review started applied on May 08
  14. For invitee you can upload in letter of invitation. You can upload all other info as pdf in client information, my friend uploaded Job and salary slips along with bank stmnts in PROOF OF FUNDS.
    Also in "proof of relationship" you can upload your husbands documents if any documents have your name mentioned.

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