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To: Webmaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Canadian-loyal, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Would you please look at and review the posts made by the member ID "TaaDow"
    He/she claims to be an CIC officer. I strongly believe that TaaDow writes his/her post with dual intent.

  2. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    Tamee you are too funny!!
  3. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    I personally appreciate the advice from TaaDow, and I know I'm not the only one.
  4. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    the TaaDow account has been deleted (by me)... I made this one to let the admins know that it won't be necessary to follow up on this.

    Too often my advise was questioned as were my intents.. so now you may go back to doing things on your own. PMM and ThaiGuy do appear to be knowledgable so hopefully they will continue to answer your questions.

    Am I angered and tainted by the system.. absolutely... however I do my job to the best of my ability and thought maybe I could make both our lives a bit easier by posting suggestions here... so for those that appreciated my help, you can thank Canadian-Loyal for being the final straw and making me move along... I have better ways to spend my spare time at work...

    Good luck to all those of you who are trying your hardest to get through this process with honor and honesty...

    Take Care

    note: I will not be back to read any responses and have removed the sites link from my Fav's list, I will hit the delete account button on my way out for this account as well.
  5. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    I also appreicated all the advice from Taadow
    and i'm very sad that he is now gone. He helped me alot on my questions that I had/have.

  6. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    After seeing the complaints on the poster TaaDow, I went back to all the post histories he/she had replied to and read them. Although TaaDow seemed somewhat biased as to the wording used in recent posts and maybe impatient and a bit cynical in the job he/she does, I have to agree that the previous information and tips from his/her experiences were incredibly helpful to people in what information to submit and how. The things to watch for in the CIC system and what to do properly in submissions. I don't believe this poster should have been deleted, perhaps just a warning about what terminology is more appropriate on the website. I can also understand his/her apparant frustration at those who do not have their information prepared properly according to the requirements on the CIC websites. That is the only portion that I consulted an immigration lawyer on. She was very helpful in making sure my package was complete. She also told me she did not need to actually file the application (obviously NOT a money chaser), I could do it myself and said my package was very orderly and complete compared to many she'd seen so this gave me encouragement that I didn't need a lawyer holding my hand.
    Anyway, TaaDow's information from inside personal experience should have been very helpful to many and he/she should have been allowed to continue posting, with the qualification that his/her advice be kept neutral and professional. What a loss to those who need the help.
  7. Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    I think TaaDow was helping the applicants with his/her postings even though he/she was at risk of losing job from CIC, probably. I dont see any gain for him/her by giving advices here, apart from his own satisfaction of helping those who get lost in the process at one point in time or the other. It was a bonafide act in my opinion and should have been continued. We could have requested him/her to try keep things soft in expressing so that applicants who are already stressed and worried, may not get more upset and offended.
  8. Hi all

    I appreciate your input and thoughts. Do not worry, he/she will come back with different ID..if he/she does not have multiple IDs, already.
    The matter is concerning "principles and dignity". If anyone is ready to receive insults+immigration advice package then it is entirely up to you. However, I do believe in manners and regulations. I have come across too many pple like him/her who are 24/7 around immigration forums. They pretend to give immigration advice but definitely they have dual intent.

    Take one good example: PMM. I consider him as the most experienced members in all immigration matters. Go and read all his replies. Has he ever insulted anyone?????
    I do not wish to go into unnecessary dispute but I guess I know who is TaaDow, by now.
  9. TAA-DOW hmmmm, it means eyes with stars in Thai.

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