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To All Who Made Medical Examination to Nationwide Health System Inc.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by josh_chinaeyes09, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Hi..

    To all who made their medical examination last Feb. 4, 2009 at Nationwide Health System Inc., Makati Manila. Kindly put your updates here... Like, If your passport is already requested by Canidian Embassy or still waiting for the response. etc.... All updates is a big help... mahirap mag-intay atleast kung may updates nakakabuhay ng loob... tnx....
  2. Hi,
    Just to give you an idea. We had our medical at Timbol Clinic last Oct2008 and got our response from CEM Feb 2009. It took 4 months before the CEM requested our passport for visa stamping. Up to now still waiting for our passports return from the embassy. Hope this will help you lighthen up your feelings or worries....

    By the way, did you check if the clinic submitted your medical reports to the embassy? If not you should and ask them if there is no problem. I did it twice with Timbol. Good Luck!

  3. jarla,

    Tnx alot... I already ask to Nationwide Health Clinic if they alraedy sent my medical examination result, they said that they already sent last Feb. 16, 2009.

  4. Thanks Josh for this posting and to Jarla also for your reply. At least you gave us an idea how long it will take before CIC Manila can act once the medical result are already with them. BTW, I was just wondering what application did you applied for? AINP family stream?

    Thanks and goodluck to all of us.
  5. Paulie
    Your welcome....Im on Family Stream (Skilled Worker, MPNP). You in what category are you and in what stage is your application now?

  6. Hi Josh! I applied under the AINP Family Stream and just received a notification letter from CIC-Manila to have the medical examination within 30 days and send my Diploma, TOR and employment/training certificates plus the landing fee of Ps19,500 within 60 days from receipt of the letter.

    I'm still preparing for the medical exam and completing the other requirements.

    Pls keep us posted.

  7. Paulie,

    Thats good.. In what clinic do you plan to conduct your medical?

    And for me yesterday i received a letter from canadian embassy asking for my passport for visa stamping.... ;> Thanks God...

  8. hi josh!

    i also had my medical exam at nationwide. Had it last Feb 18 2009. Up to now I'm still waiting for my passport request letter. I am getting worried it would ever arrive. I read the thread and saw that you already received your passport request letter... Congrats!

    Can you give me info how long you waited for your passport request to arrive? It would be of great help.

    Congrats again!

    Thanks in advance.
  9. hi jost, i also had my medical exam yesterday in st. luke clinic. i just want you to ask, how many months before you received a letter from canada embassy asking for your passport to visa stamping?


  10. Hi everyone,

    I had my medical examination at Nationwide SHI, Makati last March 30.

    I am yet to submit the original school, training documents and pay the right of permanent resident fee. I'd probably do that by april 15 (salary day) LOL.


  11. dp_ramos,

    Good day, first, you must call to the Nationwide if your medical examination is already sent to embassy and ask for the exact date when they sent the result. From the date they sent the result, 1~2 months you will received the letter. And sometimes it takes only 1 1/2 months for you to received the letter of passport request

    If you will call to the Nationwide Health number they will give you another number where you can follow-up, so here is the direct number where you can call for you to know if when they sent your result (02) 888-5086. They will ask for your full name and the date you conducted your medical examination.

    Here is my track:

    Feb. 4 2009 = Conduct Medical Examination
    Feb. 16, 2009 = Sent the result of M.E. by Nationwide Health
    March 30, 2009 = Received letter from embassy asking for my pasport
    (Note: Original date on the letter was March 23, 2009, there is always
    a delay on our post office)

    Good luck to you both.... God bless.... Just ask if you have some questions ;>

  12. Thanks josh!

    I just called Nationwide, got the information that my medical result was forwarded last March 2. Guess all i have to do now is wait.

    Thanks again for the reply and congrats in advance.

    Goodluck and God bless!

    **are you under the PNP for MANITOBA?**
  13. dp_ramos,

    Yes, Im Manitoba PNP. and you? Where is your destination? Me.. to Winnipeg..

    Just count 1~2 months then you will received your letter....

  14. thanks josh, for your inspiring reply...^_^

  15. josh,

    im also bound for winnipeg, manitoba.....

    hope to see you around there! :)


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