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Timeline Childcare/Caregiver Application in Philippines

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by rbrio, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. You applied by paper? Or did you already send your passport because they requested it?

    If it’s not an emergency, I would suggest to just keep it there. It could delay the process because they would need to rematch your passport to your application.
  2. i applied by paper application and they took my passport and biometric the same day that i applied.
  3. i also want to know something about employers requiremnet

    how much income per year employer should have??
    tax papers of 2018 only to be included or 2017 also??
    what salary employer to offer to the caregiver???
    after giving job offer,child benefits for employer child will get stopped or not???if yes ,for permanently will stop??
  4. How long does it take before they send an AOR?
  5. Hello po! Need pa rin po ba ng IELTS and WES if my caregiver is still under the old in-home caregiver pathway? Thanks sa mga sasagot! Let me know rin po if you did.
  6. There's no set requirement as to income of employer for the new pathway. But they might ask for it from employer eventually to see if they can actually pay for caregiver.

    As for salary of caregiver, depends on where you live, at least minimum wage. Can be higher if you want..

    Child benefits doesn't have anything to do if you have a caregiver or not.
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  7. If the employer is an individual and not a company, does he/she have to have a CRA business number? In the imm5983e form there is a field for CRA business number. Thanks.
  8. Hello po @Willow05! I am planning to sponsor a caregiver under the new pathway, she's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education, currently taking masteral units, has no caregiver certificate but worked as a teacher for 1 school year. As you mentioned po, caregiver certificate was never a requirement even in the old program, but how about po in terms of work experience, do you think enough po un experience nya as a teacher for 1 school year. (which is technically from June - March) since wala sya caregiver certificate. Thank you po in advance.

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