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Timeline Childcare/Caregiver Application in Philippines

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by rbrio, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Can anyone share her timeline after applying Childcare or Caregiver in Phil? How many weeks for me to know if it will be refused?
    Appreciated for those who will reply. Thank you so much
  2. My understanding is 8 weeks
  3. hi:)
    its been 6 weeks already since we submitted the application online , medical passed already. What do you think nxt?
  4. You can call CIC and indicate that it is beyond time frame which is 8 weeks
  5. Hi rbio,

    Just a quick question, when applying online where did you upload the specific visa office documents requirements (NBI, SSS, Payslips etc).

  6. it is in the application itself, you need to scan it and save it to application
  7. Hi rbio,

    Wala kasing specific line where to upload the police clearance, SSS, NBI... sa optional documents mo cia inupload?

    Thanks so much!
  8. oo . :)
  9. I though they will ask for the specific visa office documents requirement later after submitting the application online... thanks for the information, God bless you on your application :)
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  10. Hi again,
    Let us know of any updates.
    Can you please tell us what financial stability proof you submitted? Thanks
  11. Nothing more to say. I am fron Nepal 21 yrs old
  12. sir pede mo sya ilagay sa client information, dito ko kc nilagay yung ibang docs ko

    Document: Client Information
    If you would like to provide more information about your application that you have not already provided, you can attach a letter of explanation to your application.
  13. thanks...
    yung employer gusto i send separately yung Notice of assessment and Employment letter nila inemail nila sa manila visa office, but the visa office relied that the application has not been referred to them for processing. Dapat ba maghintay muna ng next instruction from the visa office?
  14. Any updates here?
    Anyone just been approved applicant here? Please share your timeline.
    Thank you much
  15. Is it necessary to be a nurse or in the field of medical course in applying the Live-In Caregiver program??TIA

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