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Time Needed to complete Background Check for Visitor Applicants

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ivanns, May 15, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    My in-laws have applied to visit us in Toronto, and just wanted to see if anyone had any experience or knowledge about how long the background checks can take for an applicant with a military service record. We are now at over 5 weeks since the military booklet has been requested and sent back, so I wanted to see if anyone was having a similar experience.

    The applicants are from Serbia, but I believe the Visa centre processing this is in Vienna.

  2. Background and security checks can take a long time! I have never had a government job or worked in the military etc and my application was in security checks for 5 months. Some people on here have been waiting a year. It all depends on how long CSIS takes to get back to CIC and how long the third party takes to get back to CSIS. It's a long waiting game, but you might be surprised by it finishing fast. No way to tell.
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  3. Thanks for your response - where did you apply from?

  4. I applied from India.
  5. Thank you - any other applicants from Serbia who can share their experience?

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