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Ties To Country of Residence

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by AstronomyNut, Jun 10, 2018.

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    So this post is actually about how to demonstrate ties in a study permit application. There isn't a lot of discussion in the study permit forum about ties to country of residence so I wanted to discuss here since the ties aspect would, effectively, be the same. The duration of my education would be 16 months.

    In my study permit application, I have included:

    1) Proof of six years of employment via an employment letter, pay slips and bank statement.
    2) My employment letter states that I will continue this job after my education (my sponsor is my employer)
    3) Proof of Minor shareholdings in my employer (Government issued document)
    4) Proof of property under my name (Valuation and Title Deeds)
    5) Travel History to the UK (Student Visa). Business trips to China and Thailand.
    6) I studied in the UK for three years but visited my country every semester break (Summer, Easter and Winter). I pointed this out as well.

    I'm single, so no children or wife. I mention family ties but I'm not sure how i can prove those.

    What else should I include? Is this enough?
  2. Hopefully, your intended study program is a progression of your previous qualifications + it is in-line with your work experience.

    A salary statement issued by Payroll/HR + tax returns

    Is your employer paying for your studies? If yes, what documents would you be including for this?
    Would your employment be under an employment bond if your employer is paying for your studies?

    Evidence of dividends/profit sharing + company audit report + Profit-Loss statement, etc

    Recent property tax receipts + excerpts from property portals/similar realty resources to prove that the indicative market value cited in the valuation is correct + if it is rented then rent agreement, 2-3 rent receipts, bank statement

    Unfortunately, none of this helps. Your UK stay was for a long duration + traveling to the home country is not travel history + visits to China/Thailand are not travel history.

    Nonetheless, do include color scans of these visas and prepare a Travel History explanation.

    Do you live with your parents, grandparents and unmarried siblings?

    Your financial investments + SOP
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    It is. Studied engineering, worked in engineering and now seek a specialization in engineering that I worked in.


    My employer has already paid 100% of the tuition for the duration of the program + 1 term's residence fee. I've including the receipts of both. My father is the majority shareholder in the company so we didn't go with a bond - we could though. In addition, I'm including company tax returns and bank statement.

    There are no dividends paid or profit sharing. I'll see about company audit. The Profit-Loss is demonstrated much more transparently via the company tax returns.

    No rents. Empty property. I can cite the land value off a government issued gazette.


    Just parents.

    No other financial investments. I've included an SOP/essay.

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