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Thread for 2019 - 2020 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by tapa.n, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Starting this thread for 2019 applications and those who will be sponsoring their dependent child in 2020.
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  2. My Sponsorship application for my Son (Dependent Child)

    Date Received at Office: 3-Oct-2019
    AOR Received: 6-Nov-2019
    Sponsorship Approval Mail: 21-Nov-2019

    I was checking the timelines and it says 10 months to process.
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  3. Those who have applied in 2019 please add your details and timelines for Family Sponsorship for Dependent Child in this thread
  4. My Sponsorship application for my Son (Dependent Child) - Outland

    Date Received at Office: 3-Oct-2019
    AOR Received: 6-Nov-2019
    Sponsorship Approval Mail: 21-Nov-2019
    Medical Exam Request: 22-Nov-2019

    Note: I have started the following Thread Thread for 2019 - 2020 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications for 2019 and 2020.

    The purpose is to help others in Canada Visa Forum in the same process understand the current timelines and reduce their anxiety since we are all travelling in the same boat.
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  5. For applicants in 2019 - 2020, please comment on this thread as it is relevant to your timelines.
  6. Application received and signed for child sponsorship: 2 Oct . its Nov 26 and no AOR yet am worried :(
  7. It seems to be quiet late. But the only way is to contact CIC and try to get a reply as to whether they have received the document.

    The timelines of applicants suggest they got AOR after a month or 6 weeks from the day the document was delivered to CIC.
  8. We started our 9 month old daughter's sponsership application on august

    Time line

    Application submitted on : 29-aug - 2019
    AOR : 1-oct-19
    sponsership approval : 3- oct - 19
    medical request : 3 - oct - 19
    medical completed : 11 - oct - 19
    application transfered to delhi VO : 12 - nov -19

    a new update :
    "We started processing your application on November 22, 2019" ( i think this is AOR2)
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  9. Contacted customer care today..as per them our application is not is the system yet so they can only tell that its not opened yet. am really worried thinking about they might have my application might be lost :(
  10. Did you use a tracker service to check when the application was delivered and received by CIC.

    The application processing timelines for 10 months is usually from the date they have received it. I have been going through multiple timelines and it takes 1 to 1 and half months for AOR post the application delivered at CIC.

    Also Sponsorship approval comes in after a week from AOR but for me it came after a few weeks.
  11. Thank you for sharing the timeline.

    Surprised to see that after medical completed on 11th October the next updates took almost a month. I think you might get some positive news regarding COPR by January '2020.
  12. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Timeline from matthew.robn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    AOR : 01/31/2019
    Add Info : NA
    Medical Req: 02/19/2019
    Sponsor Approval: 02/13/2019
    Application transferred to CPC : New Delhi 02/27/2019
    Medical done: 03/07/2019
    Medical Passed 03/25/2019
    PreArrival Services Email 04/27/2019
    Add information if any NA
    PPR : 05/02/2019
    Landing Appointment at Etobicoke: 07/25/2019
    Application linked: 07/27/2019
    Ghost update: 07/31/2019
    Application approved: 08/02/2019
    PR Card received: 08/06/2019

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Timeline from Diana M >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    We received PPR. I sent the documents requested, now waiting for COPR.
    Sent: 9 jan 2019, Recieved: 14 jan 2019
    AOR1: 05 march
    SA: 06 march
    Medical request: 06 march
    Medical completed: 12 march
    Medical received:25 March
    Sent proof of medical: 20 march
    App transfered: 20march (Paris VO)
    AOR2: 25 March
    PPR: 19 July

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Timeline from ManiNeela >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    PR Timeline:
    Application Received: 01/14/2019
    AOR: 03/05/2019
    SA: 03/06/2019
    Medical Request: 03/06/2019
    Medical completed: 03/19/2019
    Medical Passed Status: 03/25/2019
    Forwarded to NewDelhi VO: 07/25/2019
    Pre-Arrival Service letter: 08/09/2019
    Passport Request Letter: 08/12/2019

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Timeline from polar25 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Family Class Outside Canada - Dependent Child
    Application Sent: 09-03-2019 both
    Application Received: 14-03-2019 both
    AOR: 12-04-2019 1st child/ 15-04-2019 2nd child
    Medical Request: 30-04-2019 1st child/ 08/05/2019 2nd child
    SA: 01-05-2019 1st child/ 08/05/2019 2nd child
    Medical Done: 15-05-2019 1st child/ 15/05/2019 2nd child
    Medical Passed: 21-05-2019 1st child/ 04/06/2019 2nd child
    Application Transfer CPC: 17-05-2019 1st child/ 17/05/2019 2nd child
    Pre Arrival Services: 04-07-2019 1st child/ 04/07/2019 2nd child
    PPR: 04-07-2019 1st child/ 04/07/2019 2nd child
    Decision Made: 04-07-2019 1st child/ 04/07/2019 2nd child (ECAS)
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  13. HI,

    Me and my wife are Canadian PR. We got PR before our daughter was born, crossed border in May 2018 and came back. Our daughter was born in USA in July 2018. We moved to Canada in April 2019 and applied for her PR in May 2019.
    1.) It was received in Sydney office on May 27,2019.
    2.) It was AOR on July 16,2019.
    2.) On July 23,2019 I met the eligibility condition for being a sponsor and also told to take the medical exam.
    3.) On July 26,2019 got a message telling the case was transferred to Mississauga for processing.
    4.) On July 31,2019 we took the medical exam.
    5.) On August 9,2019 got message that my daughter passed the medical exam.
    6.) On August 21,2019 got a message telling case was transferred to Los Angeles office for processing.
    7.) I got this message in September 2019: "We started processing your application on September 9, 2019."
    8.) Then on October 21,2019 I got an update that the file was transferred from Los Angeles office to the New York office.
    9.) On November 26,2019 I got a message saying my daughter qualifies for Pre-arrival Services

    They said I should get an acknowledgement from the New York office in 30 days and I didn't get any even though it is more than 30 days. I don't know why they keep on transferring the file from one office to another. Is anyone else going through the same situation? Is there a thread for the New York office?

    Also what does the Pre-arrival Services mean?
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  14. Outland application
    Received: Feb 25 2019
    AOR: mar 30th 2019
    Sponsorship approval: April 17 2019
    File transfer to VO: May 9 2019
    Medical: July 26 2019
    Med pass: August 1st
    Pre arrival: November 13
    Passport request: November 15
    Passport received at VO November 22
    Waiting for passport back .
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  15. Hard to believe but it true lol. 10 months some are lucky tho. But if your VO is Accra just know the whole thing will be 9 to 10 months.
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