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Thread for 2018 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by 2Bcanuck, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Applications for sponsoring dependent children are less common that others in the family class. Hopefully this 2018 thread would help us monitor some of information and track our timelines. Let's post them.

    The application for my daughter was done within Canada and summited to the IRCC office in Mississauga originally.

    29-Aug 2018 - Application Submitted
    * 05-Sep 2018 - Acknowledgement received by email

    * 24-Nov 2018 - Acknowledgement received of Sponsorship application by email
    * 27-Nov 2018 - Medical Request Letter received via email

    * 05-Dec 2018 – Application sent to the VO (visa Office)

    * 17-Dec 2018 – Medical examination
    * 06-Jan 2019 - Status updated in website, “Medical results have been received”
    * 08-Jan 2019 – update in ECAS by VO. Started processing on Jan 08, 2019

    * Pending Medical test passed
    * Pending Passport request (PPR)
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  2. My timelines are here for Dependent Child:
    Application Recd: June 18 2018; AOR1 : Aug 8th; SA: Aug 17th; Medical Passed: Aug 30; File Transfer: Nov 8; started processing on ECAS: Dec 5 Visa office: NDVO
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  3. Application sent October 27th
    Application received via courier tracking October 29th
    Aor Waiting
    Sponsorship Approval Waiting
    MR Waiting
    PR waiting
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  4. hello all above posters, I am wondering during the application period, are your child in Canada or in original country? how do you maintain the status if the kids are in Canada in such a long time? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  5. I and my child are both in our home country. My husband is in Canada and he sent the application
  7. Hi, any new news on this thread? Would appreciate sharing your timelines. Thanks!

    Below are my timeline: Son is 13yo
    App submitted: Nov. 6/2018
    Recvd App: Nov. 9/2018
    AOR: Jan 16/2019
    Sponsorship Approval: Feb. 13/2019
    Med Request: Feb. 19/2019
    Med completed: Feb. 23/2019
    App transferred to VO: Feb 27/2019
    Waiting Med passed
    Waiting PPR
  8. A
    AOR.. Jan 23rd
    SA Feb 15th
    Started processing PR Feb 20th
  9. I read somewhere in the forum that if you applied for OWP your child also get implied status. However, I have not come across this on the CIC web. Otherwise there is an option to extend/restore their visitor status. My main concern is for school-age going children; enrolling them into school without a study permit and/or valid visitor status is an issue until the PA gets OWP. I think there is an exception for Ontario
  10. Any news so far? Have you gotten PPR now?
  11. Nothing yet... Crossing my fingers this week. How bout you? Any progress so far?
  12. Still waiting for MR.
  13. Do u think they have a slower processing this time?
  14. I am following the thread for my local Visa office my son's file was transferred to. The issue is with them. But from what I am seeing will get MR before this week runs out
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