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Those who got mail from SINP program integrity unit and waiting network here!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Ramniwas, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Many people got mail from SINP program integrity unit in OCt-17. Please share your status if anybody got reply.
    People who had got mail in the past are requested to share their experience.
  2. I am absolutely in same situation as of yours. Do you have any update yet?
    I am at COPR. I heard they can cancel our PR if they reject our documentation. Shall we wait for their update to land? its frustrating.
  3. i am yet to get nomination.no update after submission of documents.
    Do you already got nomination ? ee or oid
  4. I got OINP nomination. Received PPR. But Sinp integrity department must clear us before we move to Canada
  5. I thought they are only mailing to the candidates at pnp stage.
  6. Did you previously applied to sinp and have any active application ?
  7. Yeah. I applied to SINP but at the same time I got OINP nomination. I thought SINP will automatically deactivate as I got OINP.
  8. Then mail them that you have recieved nomination from other province and want to withdraw your profile.
    Better you talk with them over phone and explain your situation.
    Phone no available on website.
  9. I told them at the time of their inquiry only that I am no more interested in SINP now. Then they have written horrible mail - "You have to send the mentioned document as your file is being verified by Integrity department, fail to do so can ban you for 5 years to enter in Canada."
  10. Anybody got update from SINP PIU ?
  11. Not yet here.
  12. Hi

    I have submitted my SINP (EE) application on 14/02/17 and I received an email from Programe integrity unit on 12/10/17. I had supplied all necessary documents on 15/10/17.

    Today I sent another email to SINP and got below reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    "Your application is currently being reviewed by our Program Integrity and Legislation Unit. These applications do not have an average processing time as they are assessed very thoroughly. If the SINP requires any additional information, you will be contacted directly.

    I can confirm that your application is still being reviewed, we request your patience at this time."

    Is there anyone here in the same situation as me?? Thank You
  13. What have you mailed them?
  14. I have emailed them to check the status of my SINp application.
  15. many applicants got job verification mail on today and yesterday. Please check with your references.

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