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Those who Applied on 0ctober for Jan 2020 intake gather here......

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sunil Vaghani, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Hello all i applied today for Jan 2020 intake........

    Last month was like super September as most of student got visa in 4-5 days (some got even in 1 days). Let's see how October will be.........request all of you to please keep sharing your timelines.......
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  2. Really? I'm yet to submit visa application tomrw
  3. Best of luck...... Hopefully we will also get visa in few days like others who got in last month.
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  4. Where are you going?
  5. University of Winnipeg
  7. Application date: 25th September
    Biometrics instruction letter: 26 September
    Biometrics given: 30th September
    Medical exam (upfront): 1st October passed

    Got a ghost update on 2nd October, when should I expect the final decision to be made?
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  8. Guys if already have a degree can I apply for degree course again ...with good SOP .what's the chances of getting visa
  9. There is no point in doing that! And most probably your Visa would be rejected, there might be a small chance with a strong SOP but it would still be quite risky. Instead I suggest you go for either masters or post graduation diploma
  10. Review starts after biometrics after submission
    And can take upto 4wks
  11. I applied for sept intake but doesn't got visa due to medical furtherance know let see if I get or not I am still waiting for refund from my college and have to again apply
  12. My Timeline
    Category = SDS
    Applied =1st october
    Biometric done = 3 october
  13. Biometric updated = 3 october
  14. At what time you gave your Biometric and at what time on next day medical got updated. I gave Biometric at 1.20 afternoon yesterday and same day updated in portal but no medical updated yet today
  15. But bro I know so many friends with degree and again applied for degree and they have got it...
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