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The anatomy of a Background Check? - <<<<<<IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS>>>>>>>

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Jun 11, 2017.

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    There is a good thing about your Visa and that is CIC tends to attend to those cases faster than permanent immigration cases. For example, someone from Russia sponsored their parents and had to wait a year for security check. Could this be your situation? most likely not because your visa is not permanent. Other than that it is hard to know when they will finish. You can order ATIP notes to see what is happening. That takes at least 30 days to get.
  2. Thank you for detailed info. It’s very useful. Your comment about 6 month timeline is dependent on R10 passed date, can you clarify where is this mentioned in GCMS?

    Also wanted to check if I need to supply any LOE regarding switching of NOC code post ITA?

  3. Thanks a lot
  4. Can anyone tell me how long can security screening take. My AOR is July 2017 and it has now been 23 months since my application is pending. I believe it has been over a year for my security screening as well. Is there anything I can do on my part to check or expedite the process.
  5. Have you ordered CBSA or CSIS note to check the detail?
  6. Welcome to the 2017 club.. My AOR is April 2017...my final eligibility and security not started... Multiple gcms requests have not helped...
  7. Hello, I called CIC last week, and they told me that I'm in the criminality check. Do you know how long does it takes to pass it?

    AR: 21/Nov/2018
    AOR: 15/Nov/2019
    MEP: 01/Jun/2019 (Medicals Passed)

    No ghost updates, still waiting.
  8. Unfortunately no. The CBSA notes merely inform you if your are under comprehensive SS, when it was started and how many activities have have been entered so far.
  9. In most average cases security takes 3-6 weeks.

    The rule of thumb is that if 2 months have passed by since your eligibility was cleared (by an officer), there is a high likelihood that you may be in Comprehensive SS.
  10. All applications are sent to CBSA and CSIS.

    For CSIS I have quoted the section on page 1 of this thread.

    For CBSA see section 50 of the IRPA.
  11. Hi, after 10 months of SS, I had a update in my account, medical status changed from "you passed ...." to "you do not need ...", could this imply the ending of my SS? was this update triggered by my medical expired? It expired on 30th June.
  12. Most likely you are in for a treat.
  13. And CBSA notes show comprehensive SS request in notes if you order them. I am not sure if there is an alternative to comprehensive as I have not seen any other that is excercised. I think all cases get comprehensive slapped on them by CIC but those who make it to CSIS take much longer than 3 months. CSIS is not referred to by CIC but only at sole discretion of CBSA.
  14. in a treat by whom? VO? lead to what?
  15. Meaning something good to come out soon. That is a sign for them about to finalize your case either by asking for passport or final medical check.

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