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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Honeyaustin, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. @legalfalcon I ordered GCMS notes from getgcms.com on Sept 16th and have yet to receive them. In the meantime, I noticed a ghost update when I checked on Oct 24th. I called IRCC and found out that everything has passed as of Oct 18th. I imagine I'm now waiting for final approval or a remed request.

    My question is should I order GCMS notes again or just sit tight in this case? Would it just get in the way or perhaps nudge the officer to revisit the file? I have a tendency to think of the latter because of the last GCMS notes which are probably still being worked on and possibly granted me that ghost update..
  2. @legalfalcon I am currently in US with my family, my F2 visa has expired but my I20 is valid till 2021. Do I need to renew my US visa for this express entry, I am the principal applicant. My husband with his F1 visa has renewed his visa already and his I20 is also valid till 2021. I don’t know if I go to renew my visa and it’s rejected, will it have any negative effect on my EE, I have never had any visa refusals before. So that is why I don’t know if I should renew or not. Please kindly reply Sir. Thank you
  3. If you include your Canadian wok experience in work history section, you will be asked to upload work reference letter for it. Instead you can leave it in the personal history section.

    You can make changes to your application post ITA as long as your points are not affected.
  4. Salary is not a prerequisite to get points. Also, one has to look into the documents to give you any input here.
  5. Not all applicants are asked for a re-meds. It is on a case by case basis. Also, IRCC will evaluate your divorce documents and only after it is done will you be issued a new PPR
  6. Most likely the documents instructions provided to you are in error. You should however send a webform and clarify.
  7. If you are sure that everything is passed, then you can just wait. The GCMS notes are being delayed and requesting another one may or may not be released on time. In some cases after requesting GCMS notes applicants do see some progress, but not always.
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  8. You can continue to stay in the US until your I20 is valid. As long as you do not leave US, you do not need to renew your visa.
  9. Thank you @legalfalcon .. turns out this isn't even relevant anymore :) :D
  10. Thanks legalfalcon for your response.
    I called yesterday IRCC to clarify and I had an agent who told me that it could be a generic email and he verified the status of my application then he said that they did not need any addictional document and I have to send my passeport to Dakar.

    As I insist on the content of the email and he has not read it so he said that I have to follow the instructions of the email and finally he said " You have to send your passeport an photographe and we are wainting for you here in Canada!!!".
    Should I write on the webform ? Especially they took 5-6 days to respond?
    Thanks in advance.
  11. @legalfalcon I got my GCMS notes on the 6th of November. These are a few things that have caught my eye. I was wondering if you you could help me understand what this means? I haven't received any update on my application since March. I submitted all my documents on January 20th 2019.

    Its states the following:
    Finalize Application
    Document Issuance
    Document Issuance: 1
    Created Date: 2019/09/26
    Created by AP12262
    Updated Date: 2019/09/26
    Document #:
    Status: Not Started
    Valid To: 2020/01/30
    Print Queue: PQ-6029-PR 1 Visa Room
    Status Updated By:
    Status Updated Date: 2019/09/26
    Visa Details:
    Assigned To;
    Assigned By:
    Due Date: 2019/09/26

    Also the latest notes state that

    Created Date: 2019/09/26
    Created By: MD22394
    Updated Date: 2019/09/26
    Updates By: MD22394
    Restricted: No
    Label: General
    Office: CPC-Ottawa
    Text: NEW DELHI RFV letter sent via email - print queue and secondary office changed to NEW DELHI

    Created Date: 2019/09/26
    Created By: AP12262
    Updated Date: 2019/09/26
    Updated By: AP12262
    Restricted: No
    Label: General
    Office: CPC-Ottawa
    Text: **Officer Review** APPROVED File Reviewed: CA concerns note. Eligibility PASSED. Criminality PASSED. A35, A37) No indicators/No Concerns Integrated search completed -nai.- requirements met. Approved

    Please help me understand what this means.

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  13. Thank you so much!
  14. Hi @legalfalcon ! Could you help me with a query please? I have not found any other post anywhere with this problem.

    I work as an independent contractor for an American company. I am physically located in India and I work remotely for them.

    1. What should I put in "Country" and "City" under work history? Is this the company's country and city? They ask for this right after the company1. name

    2. What should I put in "Country where activity took place" and "City where activity took place" under personal activities section ? Should it be India since I am physically here

    Should I put US for 1 and India for 2? Is it an issue if there is a mismatch like that?
  15. Hi legal falcon . My ADR was for more info on the adoption of my ward. She had been living with me for more than 8 years now amd i adopted her in 2016 at age 15 or so . The last gcms i ordered in january everything was already passed . Criminality, eligibilty and all. When i called cic then, they would say that my file was awating final review by an officer.
    This was before my file got transferd to my local visa office and the local visa office asked for adr on the adoption . Following the submission the 12th of august , i got a ghost update on the 11th of october . This is the reason why i am asking what the ghost update signifies. Thank you.

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