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Termination of Employment


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May 17, 2013

would like to ask for assistance in determining how to proceed in regards to receiving a notice of termination of employment.

After working for 8 months (permanent contract) at a company, this person received Monday night an email from her employer informing to consider that as her two notice of termination of employment. The email also mentioned that the notice was definite, unless the EMPLOYER decided to withdraw it in the meantime.

1) Is an email in these terms an acceptable form of notice of termination of employment?

2) Once given, can the EMPLOYER withdraw the notice without consent of the employee?

3) The email did not refer which should be the last day of work. Would it be the Monday, 2 weeks ahead? (In a conversation the day after the employer was saying they would decide which should be the last day further ahead. If an agreement is not reached, could the employee leave on the Monday, 2 weeks ahead?)

4) Would the employee be entitled to any severance (other than any outstanding pay check and vacation days not taken)?

5) Would the employee be entitled to unemployment insurance (the reason given in the email was the need to cut costs, not any fault from the employee. The employee did pay EI throughout the employment period. Toronto).

Thank you for your help on this.
Best regards