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Taking a taxi from the Pearson airport with 2 little kids. Advise needed.

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by L_K_84, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. We will be landing in 10 days in Toronto, Pearson airport. We have 2 little kids (2 and 4 year old) and I assume both require car seats when riding a car/taxi. Anyone here landed with small children, how did you get to the city? Are there taxi/uber available at the airport with car seats? I was considering Pearson - Union express train, but we have a lot of luggage and 2 strollers. Please advise what is the best option for us to go to Downtown Toronto?
  2. UP express will be perfect for you, it is meant to cater to airport passengers with lot of luggage.
    You are better off bringing your own car seats otherwise. Taxis are exempt from the rule of car seats and you could use them. Some of them do come with child seats for extra price. Uber/Lyft can depend upon driver who can refuse since they are not exempt from the rule. Rarely if any will be carrying a child seat.
  3. I agree that UP Express is the best way to get downtown.
    It has special areas for you to leave your luggage inside the train car.
  4. Avoid taking the thing during the "rush" hours in the morning, or late afternoon I have taken it numerous time, recently as day before yesterday and it is packed with commuters getting on at Bloor, Weston Road, packed in the sense it was standing room only.
  5. Would get a taxi from the airport. After travelling with 2 kids and stuff UP would be a nightmare. With all that stuff you will likely need a van.

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