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Taking a pet across US/Canadian border

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by egosheep, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. My wife and I are thinking about getting a cat. I'm still living in the US, but I often visit her in Canada, and she visits me in the US as well. Our paperwork was filed on June 1st, we're still waiting to see if she was approved as a sponsor.

    I'm visiting in Canada now, but heading back around July 1. If we take a cat accross the US border, do we need any documentation of any kind? On the USCBP website, it says nothing is required, no vaccination papers or rabies certificate. I realize these may be needed to reenter Canada with the cat, but we will be able to get those things while in the US. Does anyone have any knowledge or advice? The website seems clear, but an unexpected confrontation at the border is the last thing I want... :-X
  2. Check CBSA website for pet import:

  3. I bring my pets (cat & dog) across once or twice every month. Have never had a problem. Have done it for years now. They have up-to-date rabies shots which is required and I do keep the documents in the car in should I ever get asked. I always declar the pets to the US/Canadian officer (I cros by land). Only issue I have had going into the US was when I once (or at least the one time they asked) brought Canadian made dry cat food into the US and I had to toss it before I crossed.

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